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the anti-christ won't give up


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January 26, 2012
These damn obamaniesta's just won't give up. Just when we think were okay, as far as the second amendment goes, this bastard keeps thinking of ways to circumvent the Constitution and Bill of Rights. When are they going to learn the populace doesn't want gun control of any kind?......oh....wait, they already know this. That's right, they're just so much smarter than we are, they have to enact legislation, that we don't know is good for us. This bullshit has to stop, one way or another......I want my country back!
They are right, of course, that we are too stupid or lackadaisical, to give a shit about what goes on around us as long as it doesn't interfere with our daily routines. I mean, why aren't we all standing and shouting about the tyrannical attitude of our govt.? Why aren't we insisting that Hillary be put behind bars instead of running for President?
Okay....rant over, this new Amerika simply sickens me. :banghead::mad: :cry::cry:

ACTION: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Orrin Hatch may soon give the President authority to write gun control restrictions into a “trade agreement.†So click here to contact your Senators –- whether they are liberal or conservative. Urge them to vote against the anti-gun “fast track†bill (S. 995).

Will UN-style gun control be rammed down our throats?

Gun import bans ... Microstamping of firearms ... Ammunition bans ... The full implementation of the anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty ... Illegal amnesty which locks in millions of new, anti-gun voters.

This anti-gun wish list could be part of the secret trade agreement that President Obama is getting ready to spring on the Congress.

This trade pact is called “fast track,†and what it means is that Obama can write any form of gun control he chooses into a trade agreement -- import bans, amnesty, etc.

And this agreement DOESN’T need two-thirds vote in the Senate, as a treaty would. When completed, the agreement is merely subject to a majority vote in both Houses ... it can't be filibustered ... it can't be amended ... and the GOP can't refuse to consider it.

Top Secret TPP means you won’t know what’s in the bill

Reports have already surfaced that the TOP SECRET draft contains a whole chapter with a European Union-style provision allowing unlimited migration from Mexico into the United States. This would fulfill Obama’s dream -- which he begun with Executive Amnesty -- to import millions of new anti-gun (liberal) voters into the country.

Of course, we can't quote for you any of the language in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement because the document is TOP SECRET. Obama won't reveal it, even to most congressmen, until Congress has given it its imprimatur by allowing it to pass under fast track procedures.

On Monday, Politico reported:

If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.

If you’re a [congressional] member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving.

And no matter what, you can’t discuss the details of what you’ve read.

Truly, even more than with ObamaCare, this is a case of "You have to pass it to find out what's in it."

Some Republicans are being duped

But that's not all: The fast track authority being granted to Obama and his successor for the next six years applies to whatever type of trade negotiation Obama chooses to enter into.

So, if he can write the UN Arms Trade Treaty into a trade agreement, then it can't be filibustered or amended or prevented from consideration.

Tragically, many conservative Republicans have listened to business lobbyists -- who are focused on the free trade issues without considering the impact on personal liberties -- and have endorsed fast track. But one business leader recently took Republican lawmakers to the woodshed for this:

By now Congressional Republicans should know better. The Obama administration has stonewalled Congress on many issues, e.g., guns to Mexico and the IRS scandal, and this President has ignored the law and by-passed Congress on such matters as executive amnesty and the Bergdahl prisoner exchange. [The] alleged economic benefits of TPP -- and they are minimal ... -- do not trump the Constitution, the law, and the proper use of fast track.

It is significant that, in Sen. Orrin Hatch's 114-page bill specifying the goals of U.S. trade negotiations (S. 995), there is not a single word prohibiting Obama from using the agreements to implement gun control. And yet, that gun control will be just as binding as if Congress enacted it in a statute.

You can read an article written by GOA’s Legislative Counsel, which goes into this issue in much more detail.

You can also go here to read the full article written by the business leader (mentioned above) explaining why fast track is NOT really about free trade.

ACTION: Contact your Senators -- no matter whether they are conservative or liberal. Urge them to vote against the anti-gun fast track bill (S. 995).
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February 19, 2015
It's all about control - them over us. We won't cave. If and when it comes to a head, "cold, dead, hands" will become the national battle cry.



Site Owner
October 7, 2011
Long story short here.

The reason I've been absent and quite stems from massive friend and family issues but also the complete lack of focus from the general populous. I have been preaching till I was plaid in the face about the corruption in the whorehouse to the point of exhaustion and complete depression.

I was absent from facebook for well over 6 months and had 1 of my friends call me to see if I was all right. Now mind you he is a childhood friend that I went to school with who now resides in California. He called me to see if I was OK because I was not active in the fight for gun rights. I told him I was tiring from the lack of emotion and response from the masses. Needless to say he did understand.

THe current POTUS and SCOTUS know just how to get around the laws and create their own new ones quite well. Until WE THE PEOPLE, and the others too, wake up finally from our government fed crap comas we are doomed. They already have protocol in place to deal with the uprising that is sure to come as well as supplies to quell said up rising and deal with the bodies from the aftermath. I know I am preaching to the choir here though.

It is the masses of American people that just do not want to think freely for themselves nor see the corruption that our government has become that are the problem. I am afraid that no amount of stomping, marching, preaching or whatever you wanna try will change the majority, sadly. I do however remain hopeful that they do see them for what they are, oppressors and dictators.

I've been successful to a small degree with some when they open their eyes after a short conversation about their ovomit phones and all the other goodies they have gotten for "free". I've ask them where they think those come from only to see the light bulb flick on when they finally get it. All those wonderful perks come from the back of hardworking American men and women, NOT the liberals.

Anyhow I digress yet again. It's just a matter of time before a select few will be able to pull the militia groups together to form the peoples standing ARMY. My only hope is that we're able to squash the corruption that is in power right now.
February 19, 2015
I was scarce from here, for a while, too. Never really spent much time here but that could change.

Good news lingers.

Trump is our President - facts are stubborn things. The Democrats lost . . . big!

All Democrats are evil, and want all free-thinking Americans, gun owners, and normal, God-fearing people, dead.

They lost, are suffering from "TURD syndrome" and it makes me happy to know they are so "beside themselves" with angst.

We cleaned their clocks at the voting booth and will do so, in 2020, even though the 'witch from Chappaqua' is making noises about running for a third time. She is truly stuck on stupid.

Laughing in their faces is the best revenge!

Great weather today - let's go to the range! (I'll need a ride). :)

December 23, 2012
All democrats are not evil, just not knowledgeable enough to figure out/understand what the hell is going on.