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  1. MikeH121


    You just made me spend more money :banghead:

    Went to Midway, just browsing, got a flash hider, crush washer, eject port cover assembly and forward assist assembly, and under 25.00 they add 3.00 so then I ordered a second Ejc port cover, extra spring and clip. Added some for NRA with UPS just spent another $50.00 even......:banghead:

    Still with a barrel (when I can find one) I will end up being around 800 total. The DPMS flash hider was only 5.99 same with the eject port assembly, the forward assist assembly was 11.99.

    Just getting nickeled and dollared to death, or to happy whichever comes first......

    You just had to mention an upper at Midway didn't ya.....:lol:
  2. Sorry Mike. But if it makes you feel any better now I am gonna have to go back and order the flash hider and other parts now that you have mentioned it. :cuss:

    Midway is about the ONLY site I have found that has anything in stock.
  3. MikeH121


    lol hehehehehehehehe

    I was gonna order a second Eject port pin but the pin itself is backordered that is why I just grabbed an extra cover.

    Point Blank had a complete upper wih everything for 650.00 on Wed, it was gone on Friday. They also had one in 300 AAC....all their 2 cases of Troy battle mags are gone, a guy was in front of me and asked about AR the guy pointed behind his head at the M&P 22 that was the only "AR" he had at all. They still have charging handles, trigger guards, sights, triggers and such but no lower parts kits, no piston conversions, they had about 10 of those.
  4. Things are flying off shelves at a very high rate. I cannot believe that Midway has not raised prices yet but they are a quality company in all aspects.

    I am trying to save some money now to get my BCG. Todd (aka RightMonkey) gave me a line on one but alas I ran out of money again. Something about child adoption came up again and had to spend money on a background check. I was thinking about ordering the charging handle as well, I am just doing it one piece at a time.
  5. I will going broke with you guys. I just received my lower receiver and will pick it up from the ffl on Monday.
  6. Welcome to the club your founder is Mike. :whistle:
  7. Just checked for barrels on the MidwayUSA site and noticed that all the barrels that are threaded for flash suppressors and most of the upper assemblies are already marked as "pre-ban". Me thinks there is something a foot.
  8. MikeH121


    Midway Just shipped all my parts :D And Parts are already on the way from Amazon. Just waiting on Brownells to ship my Gas piston.
  9. Midway has shipped my upper as well. It was ordered on Saturday about 9pm and a shipping notice was already posted on Sunday morning. That is fast service. I am hoping that I can get a full time job somewhere and have a little more spendable income for this project.

    The next part is going to be the BCG if and when Midway gets them in.
  10. MikeH121


    Got my email notice from Brownells on my Gas Piston :party:

    Just a barrel and Charging handle....which are in supply at Point Blank in Blue Ash. They have Bravo Company ones. About 48 bucks and up.

    Or the old style at Amazon. The SS 16 inch Barrels are still at Amazon for 299.00 may be the last resort. Found a Company thru American Hangunner....Black Rifle Company....they have barrels but not in 5.56, they got .223 Wylde

    Which should shoot surplus 5.56 but can have tolerance issues and grab a round. It can handle the pressure but sometimes it seems it smashes the round when shot and the round and your BCG could get stuck enough so that you have to shove a dowel down the barrel.
  11. Sounds like things are coming right long for you Mike. I wish I could say the same, money being the factor for me.

    As for the barrel I would hold out for the barrel you truly want and or need. I would not risk having issues with the one barrel not being able to handle 5.56 sounds too much like a hassle and possibly dangerous to me. I might be a bit over cautious though. :confused:
  12. MikeH121


    Front Detach sight arrived, yesterday waiting for me at the shop this morning.

    Just got Brownells Email that my Gas Piston Assembly has been shipped. :D
  13. MikeH121


    All the parts so far that are in, Forward assist, eject port cover assy, eject port extra, spring and clip for port, flash hider, front detach sight, detach carry handle with sights.


    Went on just fine finish matches pretty well


    From this side reminds me of the M16 'cept you can still see the rail underneath :D


    Gas Piston is in Maumee now, deliver on Thurs. :D
  14. Damn it you mean I could have intercepted the gas piston for myself? :cuss:

    I work in Maumee. :rofl:
  15. MikeH121


    It's gettin around methinks it's on tour... From Des Moines to Davenport Iowa to Chicago to Hogkins IN to Maumee.... that is UPS Track so far.

    I will not install the Ejection port cover or the foward assist....I will not...I will not.....I will leave the stripped upper naked and wanting :D all other pieces wait for the barrel...when I find one.
  16. Good luck with that Mike. I have tried as well and this addiction is getting out of control. :cuss:

    I want it ALL and I want it YESTERDAY!

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