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  1. rebel_son


    Hello. Not sure if this is the right area of the forum or not, but I had a quesiton about the targets we can print off here.

    Is there a special printer you need? It seems most of those targets are meant to be larger than standard printer paper?
  2. If they are a PDF file they will reduce down automatically (typically) to 8 1/2 x 11. If they are a jpg you'll have to set the software you use to print to the size you'd like. I tried to keep them as generic as possible for standard paper sizes.

    Hopefully this helped a little (very tired and mind is not too clear).
  3. foxflame61


    Any idea how small a target would have to be at 10 feet to be an accurate 100 yard range or at least close to accurate?
  4. Hopefully someone here will be able to do the calculations for this.
  5. At 100 yds,1 moa = 1.0472"
    At 10 yds,1 moa = .10472"

    don't know if that's what you're seeking !
  6. This may not be the "exact" figure you're looking for but if I remember anything from jr. high, you could just say.....

    The target is 20" wide at 100 yards.
    The target is 10" wide at 50 yards. (To cover the original target at 100 yards from view)
    The target is 5" wide at 25 yards.
    The target is 4" wide at 20 yards.
    The target is 3" wide at 15 yards.
    The target is 2" wide at 10 yards.
    The target is 1" wide at 5 yards.

    Simple vector and not "exactly" on, but close enough for a bullet.

    Draw it out on some graph paper and it will make more sense.

    AD (I didn't get out of the 8th grade for nothing, you know)

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