SOLD Steel Challenge Target 8" diameter and 3/8" steel plate

Discussion in 'Parts and Accessories' started by ADulay, March 22, 2012.

  1. All,

    Well, I've got one of these and don't need it anymore. I shot exactly 7 bullets at it with a .45acp gun and had to head home.

    Before I could play with it again, I had joined a nice shooting club and no longer need this!

    They go for $50 plus shipping all over eBay and the like.

    I figure I'll sell it to you guys for $25 plus shipping ($12, USPS Priority Box). I'll give it a few weeks and if nobody wants it I'll put it up on eBay at half the price they're selling for.

    It's a pretty clever idea. You just drop this over a 2x4 board in the ground and you have an instant steel target!

    Works good and if you want to shoot "steel" out somewhere, this is a good way to do it.




  2. I like that thing AD. I am very interested in it. Do you accept Paypal?
  3. Yes.

    Paypal. Personal check. Whatever. I'm pretty versatile on things like this.

    We're gun people so we're all good.

  4. Sweet, give me a little time and I will let you know when I've sent you the money sir. :)
  5. I'll PM you the address and all that.

  6. I have a money order going out tomorrow to you for $37. :)
  7. MO, check, not a big deal. Whatever works easiest for you.

    I'll get it all packed up tomorrow.

    PM me your address and I'll have it ready to go.

  8. Andrew,

    Your package was dropped off at the downtown post office even before I had breakfast or any range time today!!

    According to the voluminous instructions, the box should be delivered by a uniformed messenger of the United States government sometime early next week!

    Enjoy it.

  9. Received the package late yesterday. Wife had it with her in her car because she say it on the front porch. She wondered what the heck I ordered this time. LOL

    Thank you so much AD. :)
  10. You're welcome.

    Now we'll all be looking forward to some videos of you clanking away at that target in the near future!!

  11. Hopefully I will be able to get some posted. My dad is not technologically inclined not that might be tough.

    BTW I assume your suppose to use leads and not FMJ rounds correct?
  12. Andy,

    I shot it with FMJ's and then the last two bullets were JHP's to finish the session.

    They were 230g .45ACP bullets so I'm thinking it doesn't matter what you hit it with as long as it's not a big caliber rifle!

    The other guy that I know who also has one shoots everything he owns at it and other than all the paint being blasted away, it doesn't appear to bother it at all.

  13. Good to know. I use mostly FMJ 230gr bullets. Perhaps I will try some other higher power stuff as well and see how she fairs. :D

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