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    Today shooting My Springfield 1911a1 I had a squib. Now I shoot and reload many thousand's of rounds per year. There was a Gentleman picking brass up when this happened. He looked at me and said your last case fell here. I knew something was wrong lack of a good report & recoil. I dropped the mag and checked the barrel which had a cast bullet stuck. So my story sad but true If you feel something is wrong check your barrel or gun. This gentleman just trying to help but could have cost me a gun or worst. And yes I do use the Hornady Powder Cop Die. So to all you shooters PLEASE KEEP YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT.::eek:
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    X Ring

    It could happen to anybody, even with factory ammunition. Nobody is perfect.
  3. We get a squib round about once a month during the IDPA shoots.

    Although it's not all that common, it does happen so try not to take it like a major deficiency in something you've done.

    I've had one with WWB ammo.

    For those who have not had one yet, you'll pretty much know it.

    A "quiet" round and no recoil is the dead giveaway. Pretty much everyone around you will shout "SQUIB" and you can stop and get it taken care of.

  4. Inattention cost we a classic S&W Model 37 Airweight revolver. I didn't get hurt, but my wallet did. Repairing it was expensive.

    One more thing, make sure you know and can trust your gunsmith is qualified to do the repairs. My 'smith destroyed my revolver.


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