Springfield XD Sight Adjustment

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Noel, September 9, 2012.

  1. Noel


    Does anyone know how to adjust the rear sights on an XD pistol without buying a 4 billion dollar piece of equipment? I have looked on Google, but you know after the fifth page of search results, you're basically scraping the bottom of the bin.

    Seems like every thread I find on adjusting the sights, everyone wants to blame the shooter, not the equipment, and the question never gets answered.
  2. Personally Noel I had one set replaced with night sights but that had to be done by Clelands gunsmith. I would recommend you try RJ or Steve at Adco and see what they say. RJ can probably tell you if they can do it for you as he is a member of this forum.

    IF you REALLY wanna try it yourself a wooden dowel and a hammer are your friends but I would not want to try it myself.
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  3. MikeH121


  4. Noel


    Not tossing around, but the darn thing is off. I have my laser bore sighter and it's off to the left no doubt.
  5. udbrky


    Just get night sights installed and it kills 2 birds with one stone.

    Check out www.xd-hs2000.com - the people on xdtalk say he's the best and cheapest. If you buy the night sights (iirc, about $125-130, cheaper than other places I checked), he installs it for free, takes about a week-10 days to get your barrel back.
  6. I put night sights on my XD-40 I cannot tell you how much they charged me way back when but always worth having a pro take care of it for you. ;)

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