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Some stories and links

September 5, 2012
HUH??? I thought you would by that for me. :D

The scary thing is that I would actually shoot that. Also the drying up of surplus Putin Ammo, is a real possibility.

Of course then you can een reach the conclusion that O when he said "....he'll have more leeway after the election..." to Putin maybe he was saying take the Black Sea port in Crimea, it will give me a reason to ban ammo and arms of Russian Surplus. Or maybe I am just thinking within the paranoid box.
March 16, 2014
On the ban of Russian guns and ammo... That would (and I'm assuming definitely will) mean no more Mosins or Saigas will be shipped in any time soon. But ammo... All is not lost. Much of our cheap 7.62x39 and surplus 5.45x39 & 7.62x54r comes from Ukraine (which may stop if this conflict boils over, and it very well may), Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Bulgaria. So count out Russia and Ukraine and we still have 4 sources. Price may jump a cunt hair, but over all we're not screwed yet. Except on Saiga rifles, we're completely shit outta luck with those. But we still get Mosins in the pipeline here and there from countries other than Russia. The one I have is actually a fairly recent import Chinese Type 53 (M44 clone).