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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by whitewolf68, February 3, 2012.

  1. Well I made it to the range today with 3 guns in tow. My 357 revolver and to 1911's, my full size Springfield and my new Kimber Ultra Carry II. I took along my ALL reloads, both leads and hardball. All of them performed beautifully. I was a bit concerned that the 38's would be a little on the warm side with 4.4 of W231 but they were quite mild in comparison.

    My 1911 rounds also were nice and crisp with 5.6 of W231 for both the leads and hardball. Accuracy was overall very good despite my poor aim. LOL The new Kimber was a dream to shoot and accuracy was superb at 15-25 feet on a silhouette target. Was able to put 6 rounds in the head, I pulled the first one left and put 7 rounds center mass. Not all were keyhole of course, I need more practice yet, but I was able to put them where they count.

    The range was quite busy to at Clelands depiste the cost of $15 for half hour and $20 for the hour. I only spend 30 minutes there but should have stayed longer.

    All in all it was a wonderful day so far and had a very good time with the new gun.
  2. Sounds like you had a good time. If you are just punching paper then keyholes are what you want but if you are practicing for self defense you don't want to be taking the kind of time required to aim that it takes to get keyholes. As long as you can get your rounds on target quickly and accurately you are doing just fine. :D
  3. I did have a great time. Thank you, my wife looked at the targets I brought home and said "you're kind of all over the place". I told her I was not trying for accuracy but making sure I can hit my target 15 feet if the need ever arises, God forbid. Besides I showed her the 6 in the head and I think she did finally get the point. :)
  4. Hmm, a thread about some range time. Very cool.

    Here's how it went for my buddy and myself the other day......

    Bob (my buddy across the canal with the PPQ/9) and I made a quick run up to the range to “test†out some trigger control.

    Both of us have been pulling left slightly (usually caused by poor trigger control) but his was particularly bad.

    We got on an open bay (while the USPSA people were doing their thing in the other bays) and basically just shot the 8†plate rack at 15 yards. This was a good practice session for me as the GSSF shoot has a 24 plate stage at 11 yards and as I was knocking down everything in sight, with both guns (the compact G30 in .45 and the long slide G34 in 9mm) I was very happy with my newly found (again) “trigger controlâ€.

    Bob started off with everything left on the plates but slowly brought it in nicely. He finished off the session with my challenge of 8 bullets to hit the 6 plates.

    He got all six and took out two steel poppers as the finisher!! He was a very happy guy, believe me. Now if he (and me) can both remember that trigger control, we should both be happy.

    There’s just something about shooting steel that makes you feel good. Maybe it’s the confirmation of a good shot!

    Then it was time for "serious defensive shooting. Basically point and shoot type of stuff.

    We did a few “McDonald’s†scenarios too. 40 feet at two full sized steel targets. 5 bullets in the gun and you CHARGE hard at the targets while putting a fast “double-tap†on each target. No time to aim, just point and shoot on the fly.

    If you wind up with that extra bullet, take out one of the “lookout†plates next to it!!

    A fun shoot for sure. No, I don’t know why it’s called a “McDonald’s†scenario.

    Hey, a bag of bullets, a lot of steel targets and a motorcycle ride both ways. Life is good!

  5. forrest r

    forrest r

    Gotta luv range time!!! Those are all good choices for calibers & firearms.

    I made it to the range today myself, but I wanting doing/shooting anything as exotic as you guys. I refilled my propane tanks & figured I go to the range to plink for awhile since the range is just down the road & pick up some lead (hill pickings/old bullets). I brought one of my favorite plinking pistols, a k-22 & some old ammo I had laying around for years. So I got a little trigger time in & a little lead for the pot & went home to cast bullets.

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