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  1. I've been remiss about posting upcoming shows and then reports about them This is a catch-up.

    Went to the North Canton and Liberty/Niles gun shows Sunday the 24th of January
    Did the North Canton show first,got there about 10 and was there for about 1/2 hour. Small show and small crowd. Picked up a 50 box of Rem 45 colt fired brass for $5(don't have or shoot 45 colt,just planning for the future as I want to get a S&W 460),a 20 box of Win 41 mag silvertips,and a 20 box of the 'new' Polycase Inceptor 9mm 74gr ammo.
    Next was Liberty,was there about 2 hours,good show large crowd. Picked up another 10XX magazine,a 20 box of Federal 41 mag 'defensive type' ammo,some misc bullets and 6 S&W 'Protector' handgun cases. 2 small for pistols/small revolvers and 4 large for revolvers up to 8 3/8. At $10 each for a S&W product,couldn't pass them up.
    Was a good day. 6 hour and 195 mile round trip.

    Today,Saturday Feb. 6,went Akron show. Got there about 10:30,was there about 3 hours,absolutely packed with show-goers,frenzy,frenzy,frenzy,ammo,ammo,ammo. Picked up some misc tools from the tool guy,a couple OEM S&W pistol magazines,some 35Rem brass,an old box or Remington 22cal 'PowerLokt' bullets and a 50rd box of Norma 38sp 110jhp ammo for my collectable ammo.
    After the show,stopped in at State8 motorcycles looking at cycles for one to replace my current 2009 Yamaha FZ6.

    Oh,and at the show today,picked up one of my 'grail' guns. A Weatherby MarkXXII 22,vintage 1967-1971 KTG Japan. They range $800-1500,I couldn't get my money out fast enough when it had a $400 price on it. I know the 'collector' as I've talked to him many times before,he had it on the table for a friend.
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    Is it a tube feed or magazine feed the tube feed are
  3. magazine feed.

    Mark XXII serial # by supplier

    1964-1971 Beretta-Italy Clip 01000-43352 42352

    1967-1971 KTG-Japan Clip J25000-J42290 17290

    1972-1980 Nikko-Japan Clip N45000-N63056 18056

    1973-1980 Nikko-Japan Tubular T00003-T22506 22503

    1981-1982 Mossberg-USA Clip AC01000-AC01670 670

    1981-1982 Mossberg-USA Tubular AT01000-AT01640 640

    1984-1988 Howa-Japan Clip JC10000-JC13250 3250

    1984-1988 Howa-Japan Tubular JT50000-JT54874 4874
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    The tube feed Weatherby XXII new in 1981 was $249.00 at Kowalka Gun Store. I owe one so by todays standard not a bad investment.
  5. show reports for Feb. 20 & 21
    Went to Berea show Saturday,was there from 11-12:30,typical crowd of the shows lately,difficult to walk the aisles. Saw a lot of paperwork being filled out,Yeay Obama. Picked up some 35Rem brass and 3 S&W 3rd Gen 45 mags.
    Went to the Novi Michigan show Sunday,10 1/2 hr. 440 mile trip. Good large show,to put it in perspective of the NE Ohio shows,equal in size/number of tables to the Berea warm weather show. Many dealers,collectors that had tables were mostly longarms. Very few S&W 3rd gens and revolvers in the used areas. Didn't find any important magazines for 3rd gens. Plenty of ammo dealers,didn't find any collectable ammo. Some brass and S&W window stickers were acquired.
    Would I go to it again,maybe once every couple years because of the distance.
    On the way back,we stopped at Cabelas in Dundee Michigan,toured the store and ate there.
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  6. Went to the Eastlake show Saturday Feb. 27,small show decent crowd.
    Went to the East Canton show,Sunday March 6.
    The show was one of the smaller ones,but a good crowd. A 3rd back room was opened up for the show,the past couple ones here only had 2 rooms. Was told Saturday was crowded.
    Picked up a RCBS 454 Casull die set(don't have a gun yet,just planning ahead for a S&W 460),a canister of IMR SR7625(no longer available),a 100 pack of 44 240gr coated bullets to try,and an assortment(5) of used shellholders(sometimes I gotta modify a shellholder for a different purpose,so it's good to have extras).

    Stopped at FFF Canton on the way home,good crowd there.
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  7. I have been meaning to get up the FFF in the Cleveland area again, at least I think it was that area that I went too, been too many years to remember. I always loved being there in the basement with ALL the reloading equipment and components, AKA kid in candy store. LOL
  8. That FFF store with the basement reloading stuff is the Ashland store on Rt.250 at I71.
  9. AHHH, OK I knew I was not losing my little mind I have left. I bought my Remington 870 there as well. I wish it was not 2 hours away from me, I'd surely visit a lot more if it weren't.

    They have some of the best people there and ALWAYS have product available, least the few times I was there.
  10. Went to Middlefield show March 12-waste of time,Medina show March 13-small crowd-got some misc stuff,Akron show March 19-got misc stuff,Medina show April 17-more misc stuff.
    warm weather large Berea show this upcoming weekend April 30/May 1.

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