Some Churches Prepared

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  1. BuckJM53


    As I was doing my typical self defense drills this morning at the range, the black gentleman in the adjacent lane struck up a conversation about what I was doing and why.

    While I had seen him around several times before, as we spoke further I discovered that he was a pastor at a local church and the conversation eventually turned to the recent church murders. He indicated that a similar situation would never occur in his church as he and 10 or so other members carry at every service and have been doing so for nearly a year over concerns that something like this could happen. He further indicated that he knew of other minority churches that were currently doing or considering doing the same.

    It got me wondering how many other churches (of all faiths and ethnicities) will be having this conversation at their next board meeting?
  2. reaper66


    From what I've heard, church shootings have bee on the rise. Some have security now.

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