Social Security Disability Costs

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  1. From today’s WSJ pages that I read while eating lunch at the Club.

    If the largest, most violent conflict in human history cost the U.S. 1,085,000 casualties (killed, wounded, missing, POW), can someone explain
    how in peacetime America we can have 11 million Americans collecting a Social Security Disability Insurance check?

    Are we to believe that the modern American workplace is 10 times more dangerous than the killing grounds of World War II?

    As our government is planning to continue to cut military spending, why not attempt to cut the massive overspending and rampant corruption in the SSDI program?

  2. diesel


    The workplace is not 10 times more dangerous, obviously.
    I don't know about the other10,999,999 Americans but, I started to receive a disability SS check in January.
    I've also never been in the military but, I put in my 35 years laboring on the railroad maintenance for Republic Steel and 7 other different owners, without ever leaving the same building. At the end of my time there, a previous owner bought us back under another name (RG Steel) and promptly shut us down, stole our pensions and insurance, and threw us to the wolves.

    Out of roughly 10 guys that worked with me the whole time, 7 or 8 of us ended up with destroyed backs and bodies. The other 2 or 3 were plain lazy bastards.
    Is that your idea of the American way? Work a man to destruction then just toss him aside? And our fucking govt. allows this shit to happen.

    I cash my disability check every month with pride and honor because I feel I've earned it.
    Anyone who has a problem with that....well......FUCK'M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbs::flag:
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  3. daniellawecki


    No problem at all company's use are bodies then send us home in the end. Then they pay no medical and the state and federal government tell us were abusing the system. Boy this comes from state and upper federal employees you know congressmen and senator's who steal openly with no remorse.:)
  4. Perhaps my original message was misconstrued.

    I also know of several individuals who are on some sort of SSDI and they are most definitely legitimate. However I also am aware of MANY more who are as able to work as I am but somewhere along the line slipped into the system of SSDI and are receiving that money every month forever.

    There doesn't appear to be any internal mechanism to recover from any "injury" so the SSDI roles just keep growing.

    Obviously there is a segment of the population that can and will take advantage of this and the government appears to want this segment to grow.

    Are there really that many unemployable, disabled people in the country?


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