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So they want to ban


September 5, 2012
So the do-gooders, feel-betterers libtards want to ban 30 rd mags. I say fine, go right ahead. Ban them across the board.

Our WWII Veterans won that war with an 8 rd semi auto wooden stock rifle. I see no reason why our warfighters today cannot go back to 8 rds. Or we could go to the standard 20 rds as used in Viet Nam.

Our Police for years had 6 rd revolvers, they do not need high cap mags or semi autos either.

So Police and military have to go back in time, then they would have my support.

Oh and also the reporters have to go back on the first amendment. They do not have to go back to the flintlock days, they can use teletytpes and mimio-graphs. They can actually have print deadlines no more computers they have to use manual typewriters and a dictionary.

The TV stations have to go off the air at about midnight.

The entertainment people can no longer make R rated movies. They cannot make money on DVD sales, or CD sales. And they have to be pro-American or keep their yaps shut.

If it was good enough for our Grandfathers to win a world war with 8 round semi autos then we the average people and the government reps need no more. Go back to revolvers, and moon clips, or better yet a single rd loading gate revolver.

Then we could talk about M1 "clips" loading into the 8 round "magazine" and maybe the politards and mediatards can get their nomencalture straight.

Just saying.


Site Owner
October 7, 2011
Wow excellent rant.

I could not have said it better. :)

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December 11, 2012
Re: So they want to ban what, all modern technology. I LIKE IT!

Mike you really worried me for a second there, was beginning to think you had gone to the DARK SIDE, wow.
Nice rant, I've always said simpler times were happier times. Never been happy with all this instant gratification crap.
There would be a lot less journalistic $hitheads out there trying to make themselves look knowledgable when they really don't have a clue. If they had to know quotes, be aware of and educated about history and government. Instead of be able to GOGGLE everything.
Well Done Mike
February 3, 2013
Re: So they want to ban what, all modern technology. I LIKE IT!

interesting rant... i like it.

I just picked up a 280 round can of 30-06, bulk already on the 8 round m1 garand clips. A Garand in well trained hands could fairly effectively holding off a hostile at ~1000+ yards... Just making the observation, someone "could" spray lead from a 30 round mag, or 100 round drum around all they like... at the end of the day if you can't hit what you are aiming at you don't walk away from the engagement.

From a keep out of trouble perspective, I've always heard "don't load more than 30 rounds in your mag when in Ohio". There are no capacity restrictions on .22 short, long or LR.

Ohio Revised Code §2923.11(E)
Lawriter - ORC - 2923.11 [Effective Until 3/27/2013] Weapons control definitions.
“Automatic firearm” means any firearm designed or specially adapted to fire a succession of cartridges with a single function of the trigger. “Automatic firearm” also means any semi-automatic firearm designed or specially adapted to fire more than thirty-one cartridges without reloading, other than a firearm chambering only .22 caliber short, long, or long-rifle cartridges.

Although Buckeye Firearms Association has a bit more strict suggestion to keep out of the hot water in Ohio. They say keep the firearm and the really big mags separate.
Analysis: Ohio's magazine capacity limit

End Game: if you are going to use that Drum or those really big mags (31+)... DON'T GET CAUGHT WITHOUT YOUR TAX STAMP.

Ohio's rules on the really big mags is is all kind of silly, you can own it... just don't use it.

Has anyone heard case law on how to the courts have interpreted Ohio's 30+1 in a semi-auto is considered full-auto by the ORC?

My personal rule of thumb... If you can hit what you are aiming at, you don't really need those huge mags :) (However, they are nice to have around!)