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    Hey guys, just bought a CVA Wolf rifle.:D Bought it cause it seemed to offer the most for the price. Anyone here up to date on muzzle loaders? I used to be but ive been away from them for quite some time. Any info on this rifle would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, what exactly, is a "chromoly" barrel? This rifle has one and it just looks like it's painted silver to me.
    I'll have some pics later after I mount my Leopold 2x7 scope.
    I bought it because Ohio has an early muzzle loader season in the middle of Oct. this year. :flag:

    UPDATE: After looking on line, I discovered the Bergara barrel on this gun, is listed as both Chromoly AND stainless. :confused: :flag:
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  2. Are you going to load per volume or by weight I have a Cva muzzleloader in safe and a T/C haven,t shot them. I last shot smokepoles in the mid 80,s aqnd are you going to use sabots.
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    I fired it yesterday, Dan. Sorry I didn't use a bore sighter first.
    I loaded it with 2 .50 cal. pyrodex pellets and a 295 grain Powerbelt as the sabots tend to leave much burnt plastic in the bore. Im like you sir, haven't fired one in years but it shot on line and very high. I have to find the time to sit with it in the Lead Sled and sight it in proper.

    Im also quite surprised at the recoil. I don't recall my old Knight or T/C buck n like this one. I am not recoil sensitive but surprised none the less.

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  4. I,ll try to get out this weekend diesel. I'm going to use Hodgon Pyrodex Rs- ffg equivalent with prelubed Maxi-hunter 355gr soft cast bullets. Both guns have open sights so my groups should still be pretty good.
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    Sounds like a recipe for success, Dan. Let me know how it goes.
    I'll be sighting mine in as well this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.
    I like the idea of the old school bullets....I may have to try that. Actually, I have a .50 maxi-ball mould around here somewhere. That will surely keep the plastic out of your barrel and they are much cheaper than the Powerbelts.
    Great thinking on your part, Dan.:thumbs: :flag:

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