Smart guns?

Discussion in 'News, Headlines and Information' started by PrepperTraining, February 20, 2014.

  1. PrepperTraining


    I ran across this yesterday morning. The geeky, techie side of me is going "OOoooohhh" while the freedom loving side is telling it to quit being stupid.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. BuckJM53


    I have no problem with innovation in general or the "smart gun" in particular (might even buy one someday). I do however have a problem with politicians, anti-gun groups and their friends in the media who will now shove forward the idea that we should only be allowed to have guns equipped with this "marvelous" new safety feature :no:. After all, it's all about our children's safety :banghead:
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  3. I'll never own one. Ever. Too much shit to go wrong with it when I need it most.
  4. diesel


    I agree, Thrash, but more than that, I feel this is just another step toward national registration. Perhaps they should have public offenders imprinted, but not one who has done no wrong.
    People with violent histories, rapists, child offenders, and those who disobey restraining orders and such.:flag:
  5. Agreed. I believe that technology has a place. Within LE & Military, for preventing loss of weapons and such (and preventing police from being shot with their own weapons) All this and more assuming they can ensure the technology will not hinder reliability of the weapons, which I doubt. If this tech becomes mandatory for the citizenry... Well then I guess we know where this shit is heading then, don't we?
  6. jakeball


    Ide buy one in a heartbeat!!

    But......... I cant because it only promotes the destruction of freedom.

    Shoot Strait!

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