Small primers??

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  1. So I picked up a box of Federal .45 at wally world. I get home and check and the box is smaller then the others I have purchased. SO I checked the rounds and he gave me a box of small primer .45's. WTF?
  2. Most 45ACP are large primered. I'm guessing that 5-10% of the brass out there for reloading is small primer. At the gunshows,Kendall Ordnance has both,but they find small primer 45ACP brass difficult to sell. during the 'frenzy',all brass was being sold out,but not anymore. Could it be that Federal is switching to small primer brass for their new ammo.
  3. I certainly hope they are not. I have everything setup for large primer 45's. I will be more diligent next time and check the primers before I leave now that I know THIS little problem.
  4. MikeH121


    There is a joke in here somewhere :rofl:

    All kidding aside, I grabbed a PMag at $12.95...where was all the OMG PMags at $40+

    A LGS has 100 rds of match .223 for $69.95 which is better than the 189 for 250 rds of reg .223

    Some things are back to norm, now we have AR's sitting around waiting to be bought. Yes they are waiting because they are ALIVE, and they are getting angry. If someone does not start laying out the cash they may go on a rampage and start spree killing. :rofl:
  5. If you ever pursue reloading 45ACP small primer brass,I got 200 cases you can have for $10.

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