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  1. Looking to purchase any SKS Variant in 7.62x39. If you are willing to part with your SKS (Even if it has a cracked stock) please contact me 832-359-2240. However please be fair on the price-if your trying to sell me an SKS at a AR15 Price I may get a little rude/informative :mad:, can pickup likely same day but at most within 15 days depending on $ situation.
  2. I see this is an old post, but if you are still looking for one I've seen quite a few Norinco SKS in pawn shops around here (Arkansas) in original configuration (10 round hinged mag, wood stock, spike bayonet, not tapped or drilled for scope mounts) going for $250- $275. Most are in good - excellent shape. I could get some of the shops phone numbers and see if they can do a transfer through an FFL near you.

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