Sighted Shooting vs. Point Shooting

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  1. BuckJM53


    Point shooting has now been around for more than 100 years. Even with all that has been written along the way (Fairbairn, Applegate, Cooper & many more), there still remains a significant debate as to whether "Sighted shooting" or "Point shooting" is the best self defense technique. I'm curious as to the thoughts and training methods of our members who routinely practice for self defense purposes, thus the poll and the opportunity to weigh in on how you prefer to train and why.

    I'm personally a believer that both methods have merit (depending on the situation) and practice both on a weekly basis from the draw stroke as well as from "low compressed" and "high compressed" ready positions. I generally point shoot from 10 yards and less and practice sighted shooting from 10 yards and beyond.
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  2. reaper66


    Depends on the situation.
    Proactive, reactive, distance involved?

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  3. BuckJM53


    Agreed that the situation will dictate the appropriate action. I'm curious however if you and the other members formally train for both sighted shooting and point shooting?
  4. MikeH121


    I was raised Point Shooting. The US Army training with the 1911 taught PS.

    It is a natural Point of Aim. It matters not if you are off balance, weak handing, falling etc.....

    When you train in PS, your finger linked to your arm linked to your brain, your brain then makes it all about muscle memory. Show me a quick draw shooter who gets in a nice supported Weaver Stance. Watch Jerry Miculek shooting, and you see PS.

    The Army learned soldiers can point their finger at what they want to shoot and with training hit the target. They also called it Combat Shooting.

    The IDF trains in PS. How many times you hear of police shooting at a guy 40 some odd times and hitting him 3 times? They are aiming.
  5. BuckJM53


    Mike ... thanks for adding the videos. It's been a few years since I watched the Applegate video :)

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