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  1. Come on guys. You know it's out there.

    Yes, you've all shot video of yourself out on the range, in the field or at some match.

    Let's see it!

    I almost brought this up last year when we had our semi-Postal match challenge but then thought it might be pretty boring watching us all shoot "Bullseye" on video.

    So, if you've got something, put it up here! If not, get your phone/camera or Betamax out and "take some tape" (as we used to say in the old days).

    For best results, if you're not in some kind of shooting match, is to set the camera down for the shot rather than attempt to hold it while shooting. Duh.

    You know where my videos are, let's see yours.

    I finally got my "draw and fire to a zero" time consistently under a second. Watched myself on video and saw where I was losing the half second. Try it. It will help your shooting for sure.

    I used to use my old Sony Cybershot camera until I got the GoPro and now I can view things in super slow motion. Very informative to see where glaring errors show up where you least expect it!

  2. Wow. Two months and nobody has a video? Not even a crappy one like this?

    I wanted to check the difference between 223Win and 5.56 in my AR platform so I took the rig out to the range today. Didn't really notice a lot of difference and for what I shoot, it probably wouldn't matter which one I was running for the day. They both shot good groups (for me) and felt pretty close.

    As my eyesight is not the best, meaning only the front sight is actually in focus and everything else is some shade of blurry, I shot this at 50 yards. I can't see a target out at 100 yards unless I have a scope.

    So, free standing, 50 yards, iron sights. Half blind old guy. This was the 5.56 ammo. The prior pasters on the target were from the 223 testing.

    I also finished the day by shooting the Glock 41 at 50 yards and the results were nice. A larger grouping and bigger holes, but still on the target, so I can live with that outcome for sure!

  3. There is a "drill" going around the circuit these days entitled the "3 Second Drill" or something like that. Somebody sent it to me to try.

    Anyway, the deal is you're supposed to draw and fire 1 shot in 3 seconds. OK, not a big deal. (Not really as I've had a few recent new shooters who couldn't draw and fire in under 9 seconds.)

    Then you're supposed to do it again and fire 2 shots. Then 3 shots and so forth up to 6 shots in three seconds.

    The end result is shooting 21 bullets total and each string is 3 seconds or less. Fair enough. You start at 3 yards and move back when you can hit the target every time.

    I was out at the range and knew the first 3 or 4 strings would be easy as we do that on every IDPA/USPSA match so I went for the last six and pulled it off cleanly.

    Well, with the Glock 23 in hand, why not try for 7 rounds? How about 8 or 9? Oh screw it, just go for the 10 shots and be done with it.

    So, without further jawing, here's my first attempt at 10 shots after doing a sixer. Yes, I know, my draw stroke really sucked on this one.

    Anybody else up for the "challenge"?

    AD (It's raining today, needed to post something up)

  4. daniellawecki


    Awesome Andy every thing you post I watch. And again Thank you for this impressive video.:):flag::flag:
  5. OK, so I got a new toy. DJI Phantom 4 drone. Having a good time with it.

    Naturally one should take their drone out to the range to see what's all around the place so here's 4 minutes of my local range. They host all of the shooting sports as well as trap, skeet and 100 yard and 300 yard rifle areas.

    It's 1080 HD so should come up nicely full screen, even on the 60" TV at the house running through YouTube via the Xbox.


  6. Still can't believe nobody has even attempted the "3 Second Challenge" thing.

    Start with one shot and work your way up.

    Show us your video of the final one.

    You guys do practice rapid fire from time to time, right?

  7. Gentlemen,

    I offer up to you this small token of appreciation for all veterans of all wars both large and small.

    My time was the mid-60's and Viet-Nam.

    I was doing some drone testing the other evening and started playing around with some sights at sundown. This short video is the result.

    If you can view HD on your device, do it.


  8. Here is an older video of mine. 2011 OH USPSA Sectional through a set of IKAM glasses.
  9. Running the 2015 Battle In The Bluegrass in Kentucky.
  10. Wow. Still nobody on the board has decided to even TRY the 3 second drill? You know it works with .22's as well as 45's so have at it!!!

    And, as long as we're posting up videos, I was cruising on by the public range out on Interstate 75 yesterday and realized that they had just closed for the day so I pulled in and shot this 6 minute video of the place.

    The range is off of Exit 158 on I-75 in southwest Florida. Free to seniors and kids. $3.00 a carload for those not old or young!

    Two dedicated rifle ranges. Two dedicated pistol ranges. A shotgun range with room for three sets of groups shooting at the same time and a small archery section.

    This time of the year it gets pretty crowded with all the "snow birds" from the northeast where they can't shoot anything without getting thrown in jail. Luckily they all go home by April, so we've got that going for us.


  11. found it on google maps,just to the east of I75,about halfway between Tampa and Floridas' tip. Looks nice.

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