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    Wolf, you'll love your new 870 i'm sure. I'm not much for defensive type shotguns, but i hunt waterfowl with an 870 supermag. I also have a Mossberg rifled slug barrel for it and it is right on with sabotted slugs. I don't deer hunt with it any more as i have bought a Savage 210 rifled bolt-action slug gun thats topped with a 2-7 Nikkon. It is the proverbial tack driver. I killed a little scrub buck with it on the last day of the season. 90 yards, took the top 1 1/2 of his heart out! View attachment 156
    Notice where the exit hole is.
  2. Nice shooting, what time are we having dinner? :D
  3. Yeah I love having it around just for the mere idea I know it's there. I also love my Savage 10FP .308 it's a tack driver. ;)

    BTW nice shootin' there. Like Just One Shot said whens dinner? LOL
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    Ok guys. I still have about 30 lbs. in the freezer waiting to be canned, just have to find the time to do it. I'll send yall a jar!

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