Shotgun uses AR15 to kill badguy

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    In Oregon a shotgun used itself to pull the trigger on an AR15.... I wonder if the shotgun will face charges. :D


    Police in Polk County, Ore. found a suspected burglar dead inside a stolen truck Sunday morning. They say he burglarized a home twice the night before, stealing several items, including two guns.

    In a statement, investigators said 19-year-old Genaro Hernandez Mendoza of West Salem, Ore. was heading to his family’s farm when he broke into a home on Independence Highway and stole several items. He then returned to the farm and hid the stolen items behind a barn.

    Police say he then stole a pickup truck and returned to the same home he had already burglarized to steal more items, including a shotgun and an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

    Detective John Williams says investigators found a shotgun and the rifle Sunday morning, side by side on the passenger-side floorboard of a stolen farm truck, barrels pointed at the driver.

    Williams says it appears that a lever on the shotgun got into the trigger guard of the rifle. When the truck hit a bump in the road, the rifle fired once, striking and killing Mendoza in a freak accident.

    However, Sheriff Bob Wolfe said police are still investigating the incident to make sure no other parties were involved in the burglary. He added that it seemed clear that Mendoza’s death was accidental and the result of failing to safely store the weapons he stole.
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    I don't believe in Karma, but...
  3. Weapon Retribution

    I believe we have a case of weapon retribution, maybe this is what all the liberals are talking about when they want to ban "assault weapons" could they have a mind of their own we are not aware of there having. :rofl:
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    Re: Weapon Retribution

    Do not blame the "assualt" weapon.... the Shotgun did it!!!!!:rofl:
  5. MikeH121


    Re: Weapon Retribution

    SEE SEE!!!! Even shotguns chose the AR15 as a defense weapon. :rofl:

    Biden can kiss it.....the shotgun knew the AR is better. It is smarter then Biden...well okay a rock is....his hair plugs left $%& has more brain power.
  6. Re: Weapon Retribution

    Too funny, but true. :rofl:

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