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Shotgun Lamp


September 5, 2012
I have 3 old 1910-1911 12 gauge single break action shotties one shootable, one wall art and one defunked.

The wall art looks like it sat in a puddle the stock eaten by moisture. 1/4 inch almost of gap between the barrel. It hangs on a piece of barnwood inside 2 German WWI leggings.

The shooter, I re-blued and prettied up the stock. Would not fire slugs out of it though.

The defunked one is now about to be a floor lamp.

I was thinking of using the barrel. Then I found an old bubblegum machine cast iron base with 4 legs for 10 bucks Tuesday. The Barrel will go in that the action will be open with the stock on. The hammer and trigger are in but removed the rest. I also have 2 shotgun shell flashlights that didn't work so am gonna use them as accent lights and then 1 main lamp. With a pull action and a shell hanging to pull.

Will get some pics up this weekend on the wall hanger and the shooter I redid. And some before pics of the lamp. And some step bys and finished pics as I go.