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    The only other 50 BMG besides Barret available. :D


    From Serbu Firearms Inc. FaceBook page:

    I feel bad because I'd love to get my rifle into as many police departments as possible...who doesn't want their law enforcement agencies armed with the best possible tools to take out the bad guys? I heard a rumor that the only other company with a .50 BMG semi-auto rifle in production won't sell to NY police agencies either. So because of a stupid law the venerable NYPD won't have the best tools for the job....

    Yes, I got the message and tried to return the call but got no answer. I appreciate your interest in our BFG-50A; I'm sure it would be an excellent addition to your department's arsenal. Unfortunately, we have a policy of selling to state law enforcement agencies only what is allowed to be sold to private citizens in that state. Since the passage of the NY SAFE act, the BFG-50A is considered an assault weapon and as such is no longer available to private citizens in the state of New York. Therefore we have to respectfully decline to supply your department with BFG-50A rifles.

    Mark Serbu

    On 03/18/2013 01:24 PM, XXXXXXXX wrote:
    > Mr. Serbu,
    > My name is XXXXXXXX. I am assigned to the NYPD Firearms and Tactics Section. I have been directed to research a new semi-automatic .50 caliber platform for my department.
    > Two weeks ago I spoke to Deanne at your office regarding the possibility of obtaining one of your rifles for test and evaluation.
    > If you would please get back to me either way regarding this proposal I would appreciate it.
    > NYPD-FTS
  2. What an awesome response. I love seeing reports like that. :D
  3. 27 Billion, let's just buy one.

    What is the next step, Bloomberg secretly buying out one of the two and then selling to NYS? After all the rules don't apply to liberals the way they do to the rest of us citizens. :banghead: :dumb:

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