Sent in application for c&r a week ago how long untill i hear something

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  1. sttroy216


    Im sure my application reached Atlanta by now i sent it last week how long do they take to process and ship the application to virginia?they have not even took my fee out my account yet how long did you guys application take to come back?

    and say i do get one i see a nice marakov on gun broker i like, how would purchase that from gunbroker with my licenese i have copier scanner and fax machine is that all i need to get ups to ship firearms to my address what info do you have to send a seller when purchasing c&r firearms?

    also whats the best c&r weapon you could carry for self defense?
  2. MikeH121


    Find a local gun shop and look into a FEG PA-63 From Hungary or the Polish Mak version

    C&R in todays world taking 6 months to a year
  3. Sorry, old guy here.

    C&R ?

  4. MikeH121


    Curio and Relics License....anything 50 years old or older can be shipped to your door. Can also use in gun shop to buy mil-surps without the background checks. Costs about 30 dollars every three years. You can collect but you have to keep a logbook you can sell but you cannot use it as an FFL. SO you can sell to a private, a shop or another C&R.

    It cannot be used to make a profit as in business. But you can make a profit on the sale itself.

    The ATF may want to see your collection and logbook, most times they don't check, but if they do you can just ask them to come to you. Instead of loading your collection and logbook and going to them.
  5. I was kind of guessing that but wasn't sure.

    Now I am!


  6. Orlando


    Sent it a whole week ago???
    Set back and wait, it can take months, you arent the only one sending in applications

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