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Discussion in 'General Political Discussion' started by diesel, January 16, 2014.

  1. diesel


    Even if your not a member, don't be afraid to throw a little cash their way.
    I assure you, it will be spent defending our rights to the second amendment.
    These guys fight the good fight for us all.:flag: :flag:

    We have to stop this NOW.

    The scene above isn't from a foreign country. It's happening right here in America.

    Law-abiding citizens in Connecticut are being forced to line-up and register their firearms with the government.

    How long do you think it will be before anti-gun politicians turn these REGISTERED firearms into BANNED and CONFISCATED firearms?

    If this can happen anywhere in America, it can happen EVERYWHERE.

    And right now, Barack Obama and his gun control allies are plotting new ways to bring Connecticut's freedom-crushing horror show to every corner of America.

    Barack Obama is bearing down hard on our Senators and congressmen. Talking heads in the anti-gun media are on a constant campaign for more gun bans, restrictions, and yes, mandatory national gun registration.

    Our fight over the next several months is critical to freedom's survival. And I need your help as soon as possible.

    Please make a special contribution right now and help NRA-ILA hold the line against gun registration and every threat to our Second Amendment freedom.

    NRA-ILA is working around the clock to protect YOUR freedom on Capitol Hill, in your state legislature, and in courtrooms across America.

    But this year's fight is already shaping up to be tougher than any other year on record.

    And I need your help today so we can make sure that Connecticut's anti-freedom nightmare doesn't spread to every corner of America.

    Fighting together, we can stop this madness and save our freedom. Thank you.


    Chris W. Cox
    Executive Director

    Help Now!
  2. OGCJason


    Who's way?
  3. diesel


    Lol...My way if it's not too much trouble.
  4. Cutlass327


    So here is a question for you. What is the NRA going to do, considering what they have done for California, Illinois, and now Connecticut? I think they are becoming more like the labor unions - taking more money in with dues and doing less for the members so that the higher ranks can have fatter paychecks. Sorry, I think they need to put most of that money towards the fight, not paychecks. Look at Goodwill stores and the Red Cross. Most of the money goes to CEOs and the business, not the ones they are helping...
  5. diesel


    Do you have a break-down of what percentage goes to the "fight" and what percentage goes to paychecks? Who else takes civil suits for the populace for free? Don't they earn those paychecks fighting for your rights? What are YOU doing for your rights and mine?:flag:
  6. rebel_son


    Great point.

    The more they get like labor unions they also might start supporting liberal issues and that is the death knell for the gun owners.
  7. diesel


    WHAT? makes you young guys think they're spending more money on paychecks than the fight? Where do you get this info? Show me a break-down of paychecks verses $ spent on defense of our rights.:mad:
    Cali, Illi, + Conn. are three loses among 100's of wins, you can't win'm all! These same three states are also libtard basstions with bloomberg and soros money at their call. You can count N.Y. with them.:banghead:
    If you just send the price of one box of ammo, it would help, especially if all gun owners sent that same amount.
    Where do you think the money came from in defense of Mr. Heller in the "District of Columbia verses Heller" case, which btw, was won by Heller with NRA/ILA attorneys! A giant win for 2A supporters smack in the nations capital, none the less.
    If you won't donate to the defense of your favorite hobby, at least be sure to go vote this Nov. to get rid of more "gun-ban" polititions.:flag: :flag:
  8. diesel


    All the NRAs financial reports can be found Guidestar.

    I think you and Cutlass can start your investigation here;

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    Last edited: January 19, 2014
  9. daniellawecki


    +1 diesel Without money from shooters are sport would be dead. These anti gun groups have no idea how much taxes shooters pay. With out the shooting sport money they will have to raise other taxes. So all shooting members on this forum and other forums should join the NRA in are fight to bear arms. Maybe you don't agree with everything the Nra does but we need all the help we can get.
  10. OGCJason


    I think your auto-correct or voice recognition might have gone goofy, there's several "are"s in there that should be "our" ;)

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