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    Lets do it yall. Call every one of these cowards and give them a piece of your mind. I certainly am going to call.:flag:

    Subject: These 20 will decide your fate

    Priority: Normal Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013 7:00 AM Size: 20 KB

    Call your Senators TODAY!
    Last week I asked you to call your senators and tell them to vote against every element of President Barack Obama's gun ban agenda.

    Your calls are working! I've received numerous reports that NRA members are lighting up the phone lines and our senators are definitely hearing from us.

    HOWEVER, now we need to take our phone campaign to the next level.
    There are 20 U.S. senators, in particular, who hold the fate of your freedom in their hands.

    These senators represent states where gun ownership is respected and our Second Amendment freedoms are revered.

    But right now, they're facing huge pressure from the gun ban lobby and Barack Obama to support Obama's extreme gun control agenda!

    So please, call each of the senators below and tell them to vote NO on any gun ban...NO on any magazine ban...NO on criminalizing private firearm transfers...and NO on any gun registration scheme.

    Sen. Max Baucus 202-224-2651
    Sen. Mark Begich 202-224-3004
    Sen. Susan Collins 202-224-2523
    Sen. Joe Donnelly 202-224-4814
    Sen. Kay Hagan 202-224-6342
    Sen. Martin Heinrich 202-224-5521
    Sen. Heidi Heitkamp 202-224-2043
    Sen. Tim Johnson 202-224-5842
    Sen. Tim Kaine 202-224-4024
    Sen. Angus King 202-224-5344
    Sen. Mary Landrieu 202-224-5824
    Sen. Joe Manchin 202-224-3954
    Sen. Claire McCaskill 202-224-6154
    Sen. Mark Pryor 202-224-2353
    Sen. Harry Reid 202-224-3542
    Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 202-224-2841
    Sen. Jon Tester 202-224-2644
    Sen. Mark Udall 202-224-5941
    Sen. Tom Udall 202-224-6621
    Sen. Mark Warner 202-224-2023

    Spread your calls out over several days if you need to.

    And remember: It doesn't matter if you do not live in these senators' states - YOU NEED TO CALL THEM. After all, the votes they cast will affect you no matter where you live!

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to winning this battle. Now is not the time to let up! Call each of these 20 senators as soon as you can.

    By working together, we can defeat the Obama gun ban agenda and save the Second Amendment!!!


    Chris W. Cox
    Executive Director
    NRA-PVF | PVF Home

    P.S. NRA-ILA is leaving no stone unturned in this all-out fight to save our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We're running internet ads, T.V. ads, radio ads, and newspaper ads...we're writing op-eds and coordinating grassroots campaigns.

    But all of this costs money. If there is any way you can afford to make a special donation to help us win this fight today, please do so by clicking here. We can stop the Obama gun ban agenda, but only with generous support from patriots like you. Thank you!!!
    NRA Institute for Legislative Action 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030

    National Rifle Association - Institute for Legislative Action * 11250 Waples Mill Road * Fairfax, VA 22030
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