Senate Fails to Pass UBGC Bill

Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by dogshawred, April 17, 2013.

  1. The Senate vote today failed by 6 votes today giving us a battle won in defense of our 2nd Amendment Rights. :D
    The War Rages on by liberals to fight us everyday and we must be vigilant in our stand against any attempt to infringe upon our rights.
    Those who voted for this must be removed and we as citizens have the ability to do just that and that is our war to reclaim our government on Congressman at a time.
    Vote and vote constitutionally everytime. :flag: :flag:
  2. OregonNative


    I am still pretty involved in following Oregon's legislation. I just received an email from my old senate rep who is the vice chair of committee. She said that she received over 3500 emails regarding 4 anti gun bills that the committee is reviewing. Of those emails over 3000 of them were from Oregonians who didn't support the bills. I can't imagine everyone who emailed her didn't email the sponsors and the bill still passed through the committee. 3 votes to 2. Pretty unfortunate. (it is not likely that it will pass either way but it shouldn't be since it goes against the second amendment.) Good post dogshawred, it is sooo important to vote and just as important to keep in communication with your representatives. They need to be reminded, they work for us! Keep it up!

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