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FOR SALE Selling off some primers


December 23, 2012
fro northeastern ohio-cleveland area-will not ship

Selling off some primers. I got 30,500,sell about 13,000 of those. Evaluated my needs so I can sell to anyone that needs. Primers have gotten pretty scarce at the shows and stores and I can't see sitting on these.
-Winchester SPM(old stock-old packaging) 1,395 for $31
-CCI300 LP 1 brick $42
-CCI350 LPM 1 brick $45
-CCI350 LPM(old stock-old packaging) 893 for $25
-CCI400 SR 2 bricks @ $38 each 1 brick pending
-CCI200 LR 2 bricks @ $36 each 1 brick pending
-CCI200 LR(old stock-old packaging) 900 for $22
-CCI250 LRM(old stock-old packaging) 1 brick @ $24