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Self Defense Myths (11 that won't die)


March 5, 2012
The article has 11 separate myths and is a excellent read. Here's the 1st (by Massad Ayoob) with the rest in the link below:

WHO: Author of several books and countless articles on self-defense and the legal aspects of deadly force. Lead instructor for the Massad Ayoob Group.

Myth: Don’t draw the firearm until you need to shoot.

It doesn’t matter where you go on the internet, or even in some classes – when it comes to discussions about when it’s time to draw your firearm in self-defense, a common quip is, “Never pull your firearm unless you intend to shoot.†Massad Ayoob believes that may be too late in select circumstances.

“History has shown the overwhelming majority of [defensive gun uses] end as soon as the good guy or gal points the gun at the bad guy or gal,†says Ayoob. “If we go on the assumption that we can never take them at gunpoint, you have to wait until you are justified in shooting them, that great saving grace of deterrence gets completely lost.â€

You can’t pull your gun without being sure you’re more than likely in danger of death or great bodily harm, but Ayoob believes it’s better to take them at gunpoint than wait for the moment your life might actually be in jeopardy. He’s careful to point out, however, that justifiably pulling a weapon on someone might not mean you are justified in shooting them. “Do not shoot them,†explains Ayoob, “until you are certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there is no other way to stop their escalation.â€

Ayoob believes the hesitation over preemptively drawing a firearm on someone comes from a misunderstanding of how the justice system works. “Everybody knows there’s such a thing as justifiable homicide,†he says, “and nobody ever hears the phrase ‘justifiable gunpoint.'†The standard Ayoob uses is that one should draw their firearm when they believe that another individual more than likely poses a deadly threat. “What we’re trying to do,†says Ayoob, “is preempt the violent act itself.â€

However, Ayoob reminds us that drawing a firearm without justification will likely lead to being charged with felony aggravated assault with severe prison times. Even if you’re successful in deterring the escalation of violence with the presence of a firearm, Ayoob recommends immediately calling law enforcement and establishing yourself as the victim. Criminals often don’t appreciate the role reversal and want to paint themselves as the victims.
“Whoever makes the report,†says Ayoob, “becomes the victim complainant, and whoever does not make the report first becomes the suspect.â€

Self-Defense Myths That Just Won't Die - Experts Weigh In