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    July 3rd, Hillary is all set to sign the U.N. gun ban treaty. From what i understand and what i've read, she can't be stopped. This treaty was originally meant for deals between governments but it was used in Australia to disarm the citizenry.
    Come November, the new Pres; will have the chance to appoint 3 NEW SUPREME COURT JUSTICES!!!!!
    Do we really want Obama to have that chance?:evil:

    Get out and vote, guys. We need to shoot down
    these anti-gunners in every state possible and the White House as well!!!!
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  2. If the honorable Mrs Clinton actually believes that her signing of the UN gun ban treaty will make any difference in THESE UNITED STATES, well I think she's living on another planet. I believe that even a majority in Congress have already told her, and anyone that will listen that this bill is dead on arrival should it actually make it farther than the front page of the NY Times bird cage liner.

    The use of the words "These United States" is in direct tribute to the original Founding Fathers and our Original 13 States.

    When we changed from "These United States" to "The United States" we lost a lot of the people's political power and gave it to the clowns in DC.

    AD (Just a personal observation)

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