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  1. forrest r

    forrest r

    Everyone looks for something different in scopes; I try to look for versatility. To me, scopes with AO’s are better than scopes without them. Scopes without AO’s are normally centerfire scopes with their parallax set at 100yds.

    Anymore I look for scopes that have an AO that can go down to 10yds or so & out to infinity. I also like scopes with a little more magnification than most people. And it doesn’t bother me in the least to buy a scope that’s Springer airgun rated.

    Actually some of the better deals out there right now are the Simmon’s whitetail classic or prairie hunter & the 44mag. Leapers just came out with their 5th generation scopes that are killer. Muller is also a good solid scope name with their APV line along with the target & eradicator line of scopes.

    I just like scopes that are capable of doing more than 1 type/style of shooting. It’s nice to have a scope that I can use on an airgun in the basement in the winter, put it on a 22 & target practice with it & then put it on a centerfire & hunt groundhogs out to 1000yds.

    The last hunting scope that I bought was actually a straight 6x. It’s a compact mildot scope with an AO that goes down to 5yds. It’s a leaper’s 5th generation scope called a bug buster & they call it a bug buster for a reason. It’s made to take out bugs 30yds & in. But it can be used on any rifle from a Springer airgun up to & including the 338mag with an AO that goes from 5yds to infinity.
  2. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    I have just recently started to consider and AO - since I got the CZ 452. Squirrel hunting and starling control offer shots at a few yards to over a hundred. I used to have a Japanese Tasco World Class 1.75 - 5X on my 10-22 and consistently busted starlings at 80 yards but could also hit squirrels at ten yards, but it was a centerfire scope. I used it on a custom .25 Souper before that and starlings became grayish-pink foam at a hundred and beyond, so it's not like someone at the factory messed up on the parallax adjustment.

    Since I put the Redfield 2 - 7X on the 10-22, I have not been able to hit well with the 10-22 at all. Currently, it resides in the safe sans scope. The Redfield isn't the best scope I have (or available) but I figured it would be "good enough" for a .22. Not necessarily so, and I have considered changing the parallax setting on it for the CZ.

    I have always gotten along better with "lower power scopes, but have been toying with the idea of one like yoiu posted in the Mousefart Guns sub-forum. No spare cash at the moment though, so I have to use one of the ones I have.

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