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  1. MikeH121


    Was in a Wally World and the Thompson Center 40mm 3x-9x scope was there it has a very good 4 inch eye relief. $44.00 was gonna try it on the Mosin. I guess I need the new Bushnell with the 6 inch eye relief. A shop has those for $149.00

    But anyway, the TC Scope has a great site picture, all adjustments. So if you want what seems to be a good scope, it has rings and rails, and all the screws, it is made for blackpowder would probably do well on shotgun or even a rifle with less recoil than the Mosin so anything under a 30-06 I say spend under 50 bucks.

    I know you get what you pay for, yeah it aint a Leopold or Ziess but who can spend 500-1000 bucks?

    It seems almost everyday I am buying something gun related. Scope today, ammo yesterday.

    Well don't drink beer, don't eat at fast food places. Gotta spend that somewhere.
  2. I can agree with what you said about spending $500-$1000 for a scope. I would do it if able too as well.

    I've bought a CenterPoint scope there as well for a cheap 30-06 scope. The damned thing looks like a sniper scope and has lighted reticle as well. Not the best glass in the world but then again for $45 that I paid for it, it works well on an inexpensive Remington 770.

    Least your supporting the 2nd Amendment Mike. I need to buy more reloading supplies as well as ammo. I am also getting the itch for another gun too but that will have to wait for another time.
  3. diesel


    I recently bought a Nikon Prostaff for $114. It is a really nice scope for the money. In my opinion, i'll throw it up against my Leopolds any time. Plus it doesn't break the bank.:flag:
  4. MikeH121


    I Guess I will try the Bushnell banner 3x-9x w/6inch eye relief. I can get it half of what a local place wants Thru Amazon at 77.00 Unless I get the ATI sport stock for my Mosin, take a 90 dollar milsurp rifle spend 60+ for a stock plus switchingit out, If I am gonna spend 500+ on optics I'll just get the VEPR 7.62x54R semi auto around 800.00.

    I looked thru the Bushnell at the local place, great sight and good adjustments. I am not hunting with or sniping, so I don't need the best optics, just need something better than Iron sights.

    I have been looking at the Rugar American Rifle in 30-06 so the TC should be great with that one. Shorter stock but still 06 recoil.

    I picked up a milsurp spotting scope, with sandy-grained OD greenish-grey finish, with attached ground tripod 3x-16x from a Gun shop in Bethel for $40.00 some guy sold it to them for gas money. They have a good selection of new used and collector guns. been by that place a lot and never knew they sold guns. Sign out front always said Antiques, they finally put out a yellow GUNS banner. Said they been selling them for about 15 years just never had the sign.

    The scope looks like German Army, dated in the 70's, the miltary tag had been taken off the rivots are still there.
  5. rjrivero


    I've been a Leupold Fan Boy for many years. My old Remington 700 with the old school Remington Factory Removable Magazine wears a Leupold Vari X 3. However, I am starting to put together a long range rig. I just bought a used Remington 700 5R. That's the stainless steel heavy barrel with the M24 Rifling and Stainless Steel Action on the HS Precision stock. I wanted to put a Leupold scope on it, but I wanted a Front Focal Plane variable power scope with Mil-Dot Recticle and Mil-Dot Turrets. That scope is pushing $3,000. I ended up picking up a used Vortex Viper instead. Still a quality scope with a life time warranty.

    The point I want to make is that if you buy used quality gear, you can always sell it again at a minimal loss, or maybe not loose any money if you get it for a good enough price. The issue with cheaper gear is that you will never re-coup your money out of that matter what.

    I work in a gun shop. I can get the gear at dealer cost. However, I find that used gear, especially when gas hits $4.00 a gallon, goes online much cheaper than I can get it for even at dealer cost. Keep your eyes out and be prepared to do the research, and you can really find good deals out there.

    Different schools of thought for sure, but if you look at buying used gear as an investment, you may not loose money at all when you turn around to sell it, should you ever need to. Just another way of looking at it.
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  6. MikeH121


    If I could afford spending for the Leupold I would have a lot more guns. I am not shooting competition or sniping. So their pricing is way out. The TC has 4 inch eye relief. I am on my Mosin about 1-1.5 inches short. I can use it up to 5x but 6x-9x it is circles within cirles. I guess I go with the Bushnell Banner at 6 inch eye relief. As I said online for about 75 or so. I just wanna be able to range shoot using more than the Iron sights.

    If I were to think about the Mosin to hunt, I would get an ATI Monte Carlo stock. But for 70 + 75 plus the fitting time it sometimes takes. I'll pick up the Rugar American Rifle in 30-06. About 400.

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