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Discussion in 'Board Issues, Errors & Help' started by ADulay, February 18, 2012.

  1. I've tried to click on the "Save" login when coming into the forum but continue to get the following error message generated.....

    vBulletin Message

    Invalid Redirect URL (

    Obviously I can log in and get into the forum, it's just that this error keep coming up when I attempt to "save" the login.

    Not a huge crisis, but I'm sure it can be added to the list of "little bugs" in the software.

  2. I will research that one. Have you tried to delete the cache file in your browser? Sometimes that will help, in the mean time I will see what I can find out.

    I tweaked a setting in the control panel. Let me know if you still receive the error.
  3. OK, cleared out everything and even logged in with a completely different laptop that had never been on the site. Same problem.

    However, if I type in my user name and password and try to log in, it APPEARS to send me back to the login page.

    If I wind up clicking on the small black note box on the right of the screen where it asks me to "register", it then shows me as logged in and there is no need to register or anything else.

    Very odd behaviour, but nothing that needs anyone's immediate attention I'm sure.

    If it gets worse I'll just screen capture each step and post it up here so it will make more sense.

  4. I am guessing your using IE 9. There seems to be some issues with the software and that browser. I am working to narrow down the issue and correct it. I am truly sorry AD. This really does bug me as I do not get the error with ANY of 4 browsers I have installed.

    Try visiting the board with and without the "http://www." and see if that makes a difference. I added ALL the domains to the whiteboard list in the software so I am not sure why your still seeing this.
  5. OK, on this login, typing in the username and pw and clicking "save" did take me to the forum.

    We'll see if it holds up on the next pass through!

    Making progress by the minute!!

    I'll try a few of the other computers too. XP, Vista, Seven, etc. Various IE's too.

    I'm surprised this house network runs as well as it does considering the "mongrel" assortment of computers, OS's and browsers that at here.

    AD (Mongrel Manager)
  6. Good. Not sure what I did on this end or if it was on your end but that is good. :D
  7. OK, just logged in today and it sailed right on through.

    All is right with the world.

    At least on my side of the world. :D

  8. Good to hear. :D

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