S&W 22a-1

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by MikeH121, June 3, 2016.

  1. MikeH121


    Said I picked this up used had to order the recoil guide rod from Brownells. The used one was a little worn on the tip and would fly out across the room when reasembling.

    At $5.99 me bought a few. :)

    Nice Laquered Cigar Box. (Have the Original Blue S&W Box but it fits in here.)

    DSCF0024.JPG DSCF0025.JPG

    DSCF0026.JPG DSCF0027.JPG

    DSCF0029.JPG DSCF0030.JPG
  2. diesel


    I have that very same gun, Mike, with a few modifications.
    I think you will find it a great shooter and quite accurate however, this particular pistol will not tolerate the super cheap Remington ammo, jams about every 3rd round (stovepipes).:flag:

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