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Russian 7.62x39 30 round Bakelites

Thrash Addict

March 16, 2014
I just got the Bakelite mag I ordered last week (AIM Surplus). It's nice... Very nice. No signs of handling, looks like it just came fresh from the factory. Not a single scratch on it. The one I got was a Tula (AIM does not seperate Tulas from Izhevsk mags or guarantee which you will receive). Came with the capacity limiter (which I promptly removed), steel locking lugs front and back, and steel impregnated feed lips. Seems like a very sturdy mag and looks very nice. I was also impressed enough with the condition of the mag that I ordered another immediately after looking it over and removing the capacity limiter. Not even a scratch on the locking lugs to indicate it had ever been inserted in a rifle prior to my doing so. Maybe I'll wind up with one of each.

Here's a pic. Cell phone camera is best I can do at the moment.