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  1. If you are pro gun and want to send ALL of the representatives that are responsible for your area from the Prez on down, then go to this Ruger Website, insert your info and press send. It will send a message to ALL reps and ole Barack himself.

    Please do this. People think their messages don't matter, and quite frankly I don't think the actual message does, but numbers scare the hell out of politicians. 70 Million gun owners is one thing, but 70 million people standing up for what they believe does matter.

    Check it out. It is easier than pie! TAKE ACTION!

    Ruger - Take Action Now!

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  2. Just as an added note, that Ruger site for sending out the messages is probably the BEST one I've seen and it only takes about 30 seconds to fill it out and hit "Send".

    That particular link is the one I've been sending everybody to, mainly due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

    I find it to be much easier than the NRA-ILA site for doing the same thing. MUCH EASIER.

    Just do it.

  3. Did this a couple of weeks ago when I first heard about Ruger offering this option.

    Quick and easy for anyone who wants to let their representative know how they feel.

    Click on.

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