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  1. Some time ago after buying a SR22 I found Twin Tech Tactical out of Texas that had a threaded barrel for the weapon. I purchased one and after many rounds 1000's through the barrel without incident and great accuracy.
    On August 7, I received an e-mail for John Brady the owner of Twin Tech letting me know about a suppressor they are manufacturing and selling under the product name The Vortec. I am including the content of this e-mail so you are all aware of this new product available to us by a company that produces quality products.
    We are pleased to announce that Twin Tech Tactical has developed our own Suppressor. Our new Suppressor is called The Vortec. The Vortec is 1â€in Diameter and 5 ¾†in length, it weighs 5.7 ounces and is rated for.17 HM2 .17 HMR .22LR and .22Mag.
    We’ve been developing the Vortec for about 14 months and have achieved an average decibel level of 114db’s with bulk ammunition.
    We’ve also done some side by side tests with some very well known suppressors with our friends at The Silencer Shop in Austin, TX. The Vortec fell within 2db’s on average, of one of the “High End†rim fire suppressor they sell.
    Our suggested Retail Price on the .22LR Vortec is $285.00 which is about 50% less expensive than that “High End†suppressor.
    It is currently only available at , you may have to ask for it specifically as they haven’t had time to put it up on their site. If you prefer to buy it from your local dealer, we are currently developing a distribution network with Class 3 Dealers nationwide, and you can ask them just to contact us.
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    Very nice, Dog.
    I wounder if a decent suppressor can be home built?:confused: :flag:
  3. With the right tools and machines it is very possible. It is simply knowing the technology and trades necessary for design and fabrication.
    My question is whether you can make them for your own use without needing to get permits for them. Again if no one knows, no one knows.
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    I have the machines, I've got a machine shop in my barn.
    I looked at the photos on the website posted. The inside of the suppressor......there's nothing to it.
    One would just need a print to find out dimensions and locations, or an actual one to look at. The price on them things is just crazy.:flag:
  5. google 'suppressor design' images and take your pick !!!

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