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Rudderless Ship


September 5, 2012
America is a ship without a captain. The Commander in Thief has cut up the sails to make himself a new uniform. The rudder has been used for firewood to heat his dinner. The cannons were dumped over the side because they were intimidating him. Most of the sailors are in the brig. So we are adrift, unarmed and the enemy is closing.

This non-man will not even call the bombings in Boston a terrorist act. Did not even mention the word "Terror". Of course if it ends up being another "allah akbar" moment it will be called what? Unlike Fort Hood it cannot be called a workplace violence incident. Even though he was shooting and shouting "allah akbar" The sicophants in the media will search for a right wing gun nut.

Gee, lets see, after 9-11 GW had how many terror attacks happen in the US? How about under the liar we have now?

Of course they are not called terror, we don't call Islamo-facists terrorists. We call gun owners, fanatics. We call Christians and those who believe in the Costitutional, fanatics. Those who believe in life, not abortion. Those who believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility, fanatics.

But we cannot call Muslims who actually shoot someone fanatics. Or terrorists. Or even zealots, haters, killers, gun violence causers. We have to be nice to them, ket them keep their beard, let them pray and have a koran. Don't force feed bacon through a tube down their throats.

Don't waterboard our enemies, even though our SEALS, SF warriors go thru that as training.

But the man-child, false messiah cannot even say terror.

He is despicable.