Richard Wyatt (American Guns) Convicted

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    I was quite surprised to see this story :eek:. Other than greed, I can't imagine a reason to work around the system to continue to sell firearms after losing your FFL (and your TV show). While he always seemed to be a bit pompous on the show, I would have thought him smarter than this. Tax evasion (1.1 million in unreported income) and selling via a "straw" FFL is about as risky as it gets. Looking at 15 years in the slammer :eek:. Guess it boils down to "do stupid things ... win stupid prizes". :rolleyes:

    'American Guns' reality star convicted of selling firearms illegally, evading taxes | Fox News
  2. daniellawecki


    Being a Star and look at me. You would have to be a dumb ass to still deal guns without a FFL.
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  3. So much for his 15 minutes of fame!

  4. 'A' type personality. Their 'mess' doesn't stink - or so they think. May be a 'closet' liberal!


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