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Remember DDAY 1944


September 5, 2012
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AIRBORNE! Waiting to jump into the fire. Facing the dragon. bringing violence to put an end to greater violence. Men with guns against men with guns. Violence of action. Right won over evil.

Negotiations. NOPE. Our Fathers, Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers killed more of them then they did of ours. They beat the unbeatable, stopped the unstoppable. The Thousand Year Reich did not even last one tenth the time. Free men beat Facists. They faced the fear of death, scared but moving forward. And when it was over they came home and made America better for their experiences.

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Capt Matt Urban. The Germans gave him the nickname "Der Geist" (The Ghost) because he kept coming back after being wounded.

He had a total of 29 awards 3 more than Audie Murphy. Including the MOH.

A notable hero. A Polish American.

Medal of Honor
Silver Star (2)
Legion of Merit
Bronze Star (3) with "V" Device
Purple Heart (7)
French Croix de Guerre (2)
Belgian Croix de Guerre
Belgian Fourragere
Combat Infantryman Badge

He died in 1995, The cause was complications from a collapsed lung brought on by one of his 7 war wounds, a spokesman for the family said.

He is not the only hero. But he is notable.

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Lt Eric Fisher Woods. During the Battle of the Bulge, would not surrender. He was later found surrounded by 7 dead Germans with an empty 45.


Without men such as these the Nazi's may have won.

GOD Bless America and the memories of men such as these.