Rem 700 ADL 223 on sale at Cabelas

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by oldman10mm, March 5, 2014.

  1. saw this on 'firearmstalk' forum;MMcat104792580;cat105522480;cat105523380

    399 with a 50 rebate.

    Did some investigating,
    reviews show excellent out-of-the-box accuracy
    26" barrel-should really put out a good velocity
    a terrible 1:14 twist(per reviews,Rem doesn't state twist rate as they do for all other models),good for light projectiles only.their standard 223 rate is 1:12 and some of their tac models have 1:9.
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  2. Glad you did some digging on this rifle. I was considering getting one because of price. I think I will save the money for something else. :)
  3. Actually,I'm thinking of getting one because of the price,pulling the barrel off,getting it cut down to about 18" and re-crowned. Even with 55fmjbt,the velocity should be more than a 16" AR. If that doesn't work out,could always get an aftermarket barrel of length and twist of my choosing. Then I could dump my Savage Model 10 'Hunter Predator' fluted barrel accutrigger accustock. I have a strong preference for Rem700s' because of my past history of 'smithing' them.
  4. diesel


    Excuse my ignorance 10mm, but I know nothing compared to you. Would the twist rate (1:14) apply to the .22-250?
    Would it relegate one to lighter projectiles as well? That's a nice price for a Remmy, as I've always wanted a .22-250.
    Your opinion and any other info on the .22-250 would be highly appreciated.:flag:
  5. here's a nice review of it in 22-250.

    twist rate for cartridge

    Yes,evidently,the 22-250 has a 1:14 twist rate.
    A friend had a Rem 700 in 22-250 back in the 70s' that I used to help load for.
    The 22-250 is a 250 Savage case necked down to 22 caliber,came about as a 'wildcat' and then adopted as a standard cartridge by Remington. At the time of its' inception,shooters wanted a faster and flatter 22 centerfire than what was available on the market. But also at that time,the selection of 22 cal bullet weights was rather limited compared to what's available now. The 22-250 is an 'overbore' cartridge(more powder than required for efficiency),comparatively the 223 is a slightly 'underbore' cartridge,but only a grain or 2 more would take it to maximum efficiency, Armalite did pick a very good cartridge to introduce the M16 in. the 22-250 works best with medium to slower burn rate powders. Twist rate is inverse to bullet weight,the lower the number value of twist rate,the higher a bullet weight will be stable. 22 twist rates run from 1:7 up to 1:14. 1:14 and 1:12 are typically used for up to 55gr. AR military twist rate had to be changed/lowered to accurately shoot 62gr Mil out to far distances. 1:9 will handle any bullet grain but will not give the velocity a 55gr would get out of a 1:14. A lower twist rate number is resistance to bullet in the barrel.
    Would I buy the 700 ADL 22-250 1:14,yes if I was in the market for a 22-250.
  6. daniellawecki


    1-14 35gr bullets to 55gr bullets 1-12 twist rate 60gr - 62 gr good match 1-9 twist 65gr- 70gr 1-9 heavy bullets stable long distant shooting. So pick the bullet weight barrel length & twist for what you are using the combo for.
  7. An added side note,the Rem 700 ADL was discontinued for general sale a few years back. They only manufacture it for the big box stores as specialty items for those stores. I've had 2 ADLs',one in 6mm Rem and one in 30-06. Loved the 30-06 and looking back wished I still had it. I don't hunt,just paper punch. When I developed a 147gr fmjbt Mil bullet load as a base good shooting load,I got a Sierra 110jhp at 3800fps(chronographed) to have the same impact point.

    There's a gun show(supposedly 800 tables) in Columbus next weekend(15th & 16th) and if I go I'm gonna stop in at the Cabelas Columbus store and buy the ADL 223 if they have one in stock.
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  8. diesel


    I just ordered the .22/250 last evening from Cabelas in W.V.
    They will not ship this gun, so I put it in layaway,(%25 of price) over the phone as it was their last one in stock. The young lady told me she didn't know if or when they would be getting more, hence, the layaway option.
    Thanks for the info, it was quite helpful as 55 grainer is ok for me (ground hogs and coyotes).
    I'll probably pick it up next weekend. Gotta terrible busy one coming up. Seems like theres not enough time in the day on weekends.:flag:
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  9. It would be interesting to find out what kind of velocities are coming out of a 26" barrel for a 22-250.
    Wouldn't be hard to calculate a 'guesstimate' knowing impact points of 50,100,200 yards and then based on the curvature of trajectory,know the velocity.

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