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  1. OGCJason


    After our lettle range time yesterday at BT Firing, I am interested in delving into the reloading world. I don't want to go in for too much though, so am wondering: Is there a "kit" somewhere that would give me a basic setup that I could use to get started? I'm looking for something that would include:

    The Press
    The die set (9mm, 38ACP or 45 SW)
    Whatever else would be considered an "essential" accessory

    Any suggestions, directions, or web resources anyone knows off of the top of their heads? I can always do a Google search for one, but hard to know what you need/don't need and what's fluff versus critical from the various vendors. Tks in advance...
  2. I would NOT recommend a 'kit'. You might like one component of the kit and hate another component.

    -heavy duty single die
    -turret-gives you the ability to have all your dies for a cartridge mounted-if you wanna go back to a 'stage',just rotate the turret
    -production progressive-every stroke produces a finished cartridge

    Dies-many brands to choose from-just make sure the sizer/decapper has a replaceable decapping pin.
    Primer pocket crimp remover/de-burrer-Mil cases have primers crimped in(a pain in te butt),I use carbide rotary bit by hand.
    Primer pocket cleaner-I use a flat bottom drill bit.
    Case length trimmer-I motorized mine with a hand drill.
    Digital vernier calipers-the Harbor Freight ones are fine, especially when you catch it on sale.
    Case mouth de-burrer-inner & outer-the trimming burr affects the crimp pressure- again I use carbide rotary bits.
    priming tool/attachment-I've stopped using my press for priming and have gone to a hand priming tool.
    Powder dispenser/thrower.
    Powder digital scale.
    Reloading cartridge board/holder

    Primers-all regular pistol primers
    Powder-probably be good to have/use 2-a regular for general purpose loads and a slower powder for powerhouse loads.
    Bullets-your choice
    Brass-your choice

    I tumble the brass before anything and then re-tumble the finished case prior to component insertion.

    If you want me to meet you at FFF Berea sometime to go thru/go over equipment,I'm game for that.
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  3. daniellawecki


    It couldn,t have been said better by oldman 10mm sounds like good advice and a good mentor in the works. Well I shoot alot I and use the Hornady LNL for all my calibers. There powder thrower needs both small & large rotors and I also use a powder cop die. So with advice from this forum remenber you only want to buy once. Think about furture reloading needs and production aswell as user friendly.
  4. OGCJason


    Thanks for the info - good to know about avoiding kits.

    I've seen (and even offered through my prior days of photography) kits of gear that I've actually used, which included:

    A particular camera
    A particular tripod
    A particular lightstand
    A particular umbrella
    A particular speedlight

    That, along with the settings I used, positions, angles, etc. were included in an eBook that I put together for readers. (I showed The kit I bundled together on Amazon and it made me more affiliate income than anything else I've ever done. That being the case, I would submit that if someone were to assemble something similar from their own experience and assemble through an Amazon affiliate account, they could not only help people put together a god kit that's not all necessarily from one manufacturer, and even make a bit of side money in the interim!

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  6. I guess Jason liked my precision, consistent, EXTREME VELOCITY 9mm reloads. 1500 fps out of a standard Beretta.

    Another useful item for the extreme reloader, a chronograph.

    Back in the 70s/80s,I had a Buick stationwagon where the tailgate window went down into the tailgate. the tailgate was setup to mount my press to be able to reload at the range. Only problem with that situation was wind affecting the powder scale(not digital back then-balance beam).
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  7. OGCJason


    Indeed I did (these rounds were amazing)...and for some reason, even the recoil felt lighter! I think that particular round is what sold me on customizing my loads from factory default. I always knew that if I shoot regularly, over time the initial outlay pays for itself, but to also get the degree of control over my loads and have that impact my accuracy to that degree was amazing!

    To that end, I went off the list oldman wrote up and went through Amazon and a few other sites to come up with a potential shopping list. How does this look?
  8. some items OK, some items NO.
  9. daniellawecki


    Just wondering what powder bullet combo.
  10. ^^^ ? powder bullet combo for what ?
  11. OGCJason


    Could you elaborate? :)
  12. I will, tomorrow.
  13. There are different reloader (the person) mentalities/reasons.
    1)The most recent, due to the 'frenzy', is the individual who just wants to shoot a lot and often and the high price of generic ammo led them into reloading. But after the frenzy of ammo hit, soon to follow was the frenzy for components. They buy the cheapest components they can and assemble as fast as they can to be able to shoot shoot shoot.
    2)The precision match shooters, both handgun and rifle. Ammo is meticulously made to produce those perfect consistent groups.
    3)The hunter/target shooter to duplicate/improve factory ammo and it reaches a point for them that the load they make is 'good enough' for their purpose.
    4)probably the most common is the hobbyist/do-it-yourselfer 'I make my own ammo' for all types of shooting.
    5)to make specialty ammo not commercially available.

    I'm a combination of 2, 3, 4, & 5.

    No certain piece of reloading equipment or methods will satisfy all conditions. What I use and do for #2, I don't use or do for #3, what I use and do for #3 I don't use or do for #4.
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  14. your list:
    -couldn't find the military crimp remover on the rcbs site
    -Lee 90058 powder measurer- appears/seems OK
    -Lee lp90899 zip trim-have to purchase a different case length gauge/holder for each cartridge
    -Lee 4 hole turret press-for handgun only-you gotta buy another/different press to do rifle-not adaptable to the precision crimp method I told you about
    -Hornady small primer cleaner-good but you gotta buy a handle also
    -Lyman 9mm carbide die set-OK but when you bend/break the decapping pin(and you will) gotta buy the entire stem.
    Lyman 7810199 deburring tool-good for general use-not for precision
  15. daniellawecki


    +1 to what oldman said I don,t measure my groups with a yardstick. I really wish I could have been there last Saturday. The Lee powder measure I have one I dont use along with a Lee Turret 3 hole press. The powder thrower in my opion is not worth a damn. I have extra stuff I dont use feel free to ask about them maybe I"d ship and let you use. I'm a precision shooter. Being in skilled trades for 30+ yrs and reloading since 1979.
  16. My case length trimmer


    The original hand crank shaft was replaced with a drill driven shaft. The adjustment collar on the shaft is set for 9mm(my shortest cartridge case),the spacer between the 2 shafts is for a longer cartridge case as 38sp,357m,40S&W,10mm,223,308(more spacer at lower left). Once the adjustment collar is set for 9mm and then the proper length spacer is put on the shaft between the adjustment collar and housing, the trimmer is set for a different case. No adjustment is required. Quick & simple. The shaft diameter is .562"(9/16) and I have a variety of spacers/washers to attain the proper spacing.

    The trimmer is mounted to the side surface of the bench so the 'trimmings' drop downward into a container.
  17. My deburrers and chamferers collection

  18. Dave Shooter

    Dave Shooter

    You trim 9mm !!?!! Wow.
  19. For generic average 9mm plinking and range loads, NO. For precision, consistent, powerhouse target loads, YES.
    Ask OGCJason about those.
  20. Taking inventory before I start the winter reloading

    pistol primers


    small rifle primers


    large rifle primers


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