Regular barrel vs. bull barrel

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  1. What, if any, is the advantage of a "bull barrel" over a standard barrel. In either an auto loader or a bolt action rifle ?
  2. MikeH121


    Bull barrel is just heavier. Heavier is better for long range accuracy. Match grade barrel gives you the best of both, heavier farther out but nt to the end like a bull. Also Bull fits the "banned" no flash hider or compensator. As the end is not threaded.
  3. Also,Vibration frequency period. Two identical length barrels,one regular and one bull will vibrate differently. The regular barrel will have a larger arc of vibration,the stiffer bull barrel will have a smaller arc of vibration.
    Ir-regardless of which barrel,paper punchers/match shooters handload to find out what case,primer,powder,powder amount,bullet,seating depth their rifle likes to produce the smallest group.
    It's a common topic of discussion and controversy.
  4. rjrivero


    I agree that bull barrels are just plain heavier. Some desire the heavier bull barrel, some like more weight in the stock. Depends on what you want to do with the rifle. Standard barrels have won more national matches than bull barrels (last time I took count) for whatever that's worth.

    The best shooter I've ever personally ever shot with used a pencil barrel on his match rifle with a bunch of lead in the stock. That's how he liked his gun weighted and it worked for him.
  5. Thanks to all. It was a curiosity type question, but, I gained useful information. Thanks again!

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