Red Skelton on the pledge of allegiance

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  1. This short 4 minute + video is so timely even for todays standards.

  2. That became an instant classic the night he did that.

    As a person who actually watched his show "way back then" I may have even seen it the "first time" and didn't realize what a historic piece it would become.

    The thing is, even if you've seen it a dozen times, when it shows up a year later on a forum or an email, you'll sit through it one more time.

    Too bad there are Americans who may never see it for a variety of reasons.

    AD (do they still do the "Pledge" in school anymore?)
  3. It never gets tiring to hear people with courage who are willing to support the American way of life publicly. You can find a lot of old timers that vocalized their support of our way of life and our country publicly, it was easy to do back then, it was popular and it was the right thing to do publicly.
  4. BuckJM53


    That is one of my all time favorites ... Red was a wonderful man ... Thanks for sharing :D
  5. AD,

    I do love Red's comedy routines. He was one of the funniest men and never used vulgarity at any time. I just felt it was fitting for the 9/11 holiday and helps keep things in perspective.

    I used to recite the pledge in school when I was a kid but I think that they do anymore because of cultural differences now-a-days.
  6. Red,

    I fully agree with you, there are not enough people anymore willing to stand up in support. I wish it was as popular for the current generations of people to be as patriotic as the older generations. Perhaps someday they will recognize the need and support.
  7. Buck,

    I agree 100% he was a wonderful man and his comedy stylings were quite unique and family friendly. He always told a heart felt story during his shows as well. He is sorely missed. Glad I could bring it to the forum us folks to see and share. :)

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