Rear Slide Plates

Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by ADulay, January 9, 2013.

  1. All,

    Well, although I have not made any changes at all to my daily carry gun, for a variety of reasons, I just HAD to do this one.

    It's a simple enough procedure and takes about a minute or two to complete.

    As I'm a full fledged veteran of the 1st Cavalry Division and am a Life member, I figured this just belonged on my Glock.

    I'll probably be ordering two more for the other ones.


  2. Very cool. I think I just might have to look at some of those as well. Now that I own a Glock 30.

    BTW did you hear they are possibly coming out with a Glock 30S? It's a 30 with a 36 slide on it and single stack to compete with the XDs.
  3. rebel_son


    Sweet looking.

    I was thinking of putting the dont tread on me one put in my Glock 17. There are many friends who that told me the DTOM emblem would be a prosecutors dream if i were ever in a self defense shoot as would a trigger job.
  4. Although I don't personally do any modifications to my daily carry gun, I would think that telling "the judge" that the reason you did the trigger job, recoil spring, slide mod, whatever, was so that you would be more accurate in a real shooting and not endanger any of the surrounding civilians.

    That should shut up a jerk prosecutor.


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