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Re-barreled/rebuilt a Remington 700ADL in 6mm Rem


December 23, 2012
Back in the 70s' when I was just getting into firearms, my 1st bolt action rifle was a Remington 700ADL in 6mm Rem cartridge (picked the 6mm Rem over the 243 Win),bought it at Woolworth 'five and dime' in Richmond Mall for $135. Since I was reloading for 38/357, my intentions were to reload for the 6mm too. Back then, Remington had an affiliation with Dupont so it only made sense to use Dupont IMR powders (the IMR series is all I use still to this day). IMR 4895, 4064, 3031, 4320, 4350, & 4831 were the usable range of powders with 4350 and 4831 producing the highest 'advertised' velocities with the heavier bullets. Bullet selection back then was from 60gr to 105gr and I chose the Sierra 85gr HPBT. After many 'paper punches' with IMR4831,barrel throat erosion came to be. Since then, all my rifle reloading uses IMR3031.
Ordered a Douglas standard contour 22" barrel and 6mm headspace gauges from Pacific Tool & Die.
The stock I already inletted the fore-end to free float the factory barrel and action was glass bedded to stock.
The barrel came chambered for the 6mm and threaded for the 700 receiver. The factory barrel was wrenched in by gorillas and very tight. At the time I was employed as an lab technician and had full machine shop facilities at my disposal. Made some aluminum clamping blocks to hold the barrel in a very very large vise. With the barrel clamped, the action was loosened with a bar going thru the receiver thru the clip and bolt ports with about 6 foot of leverage.
The new barrels' thread were slightly too tight so I precisionly deepened the barrel threads on an engine lathe. After I got the barrel to turn all the way in by hand, it was time to headspace. Headspace go-no go gauges showed too much distance between bolt face and cartridge shoulder in chamber. I surfaceground the recoil lug until headspace checking with the gauges was perfect. Now this was with the barrel only hand tightened into the receiver and I never did wrench it in and it never loosened during shooting. Cleaning the barrel at the range was great since it just unscrewed from the receiver by hand. It ended up that no change in reloading sizing die adjustment was needed. The rifle shot fine with no problems.