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  1. MikeH121


    Okay, I have been running into anti gun libs for a while. "Why do we need guns? The police have guns" "if there were less guns there would be less killing" etc.....

    "The problem with liberals is that they fell guilty because they don't feel guilty enough"

    The media is on Obama's side. What do they think? When he is the Dictator they are "IN" Ask the Workers Unions who supported Hitler, he built them a cruise ship. When he didn't need them anymore he got rid of them. Ernst Röhm was the SA commander. He helped put Hitler in power, then he nor the SA was needed anymore. "The Night of the Long Knives"

    Stalin had friends who helped him gain power than they knew too much. They were killed and deleted by being painted over in portraits with Stalin. Then when Stalin died, Khrushchev called him "The Butcher of mother Russia" He was edited out of the Lenin movie.

    When someone becomes too powerful and you are a threat to that power, even a trusted "friend" you are "removed"

    There are those who would "fall on their swords" for someone. They would take blame, they would resign, etc... but Hitler, Stalin, and others thru history have held the sword and pushed. Then held state funerals, or made them disappear from history. Rommel shot himself or he was to be put on trial and his family name also. He had a state funeral as a hero.

    In an attempt to erase Röhm from German history, all known copies of the 1933 propaganda film Der Sieg des Glaubens (Victory of Faith), in which Röhm appeared, were ordered destroyed in 1934.

    The media and the libs are useful idiots. If the tyranny of America takes place, they will find themselves in cells, or worse.

    Guns kill; Palin "tageting districts" caused the shooting in Arizona; talk radio incites hate; and yet movies don't make people act out what is on the screen. The AG gives guns to drug cartels, American Border agents are killed by those guns, and he walks. An Ambassador is killed and WE apologize.

    "Hey you just stabbed me with that knife...I am sorry I made you do that." ?????

    Where is Reagan when we need him? The Election is sooooo important. It may not save America completely either. But its a start. Next is cleaning out the gov-o-crats who run the State dept, the AG and Dept of Justice (for whom) And ridding ourselves of lib, constitution hating Judges.

    TEA parties started and then went stealth. :D No more demonstrations. They just organized and kept in the background. Ted Cruz won in Texas when they said TEA Party was not a factor and he had no chance.

    I have friends who said they were not into politics. Until I made them aware how much it affects them. Taxes, regs.....then they started to pay attention. There are still a lot who do not. But it is changing. Slowly. But it is there.
  2. diesel


    I agree with most of what you say, Mike, but the leftist media will not end up in cells. Know this...the so called "mainstream" media(NBC, CBS,ABC) is owned in part or entirely by one George Soros, the most ardent anti-gun mega-billionaire in the world. Thats alot of $$ and foreign opposition to stand up to, yet stand up we must. I truely don't see him locking up his minions under any circumstance.
    But our most pressing problems are here at home. We MUST NOT let obama attain the White House again. Do you realize he will be able to appoint 3 new supreme court justices if he wins? 3 more liberal justices will be the death of America, for they are the countrys true lawmakers.
    And i put nothing past obamas scheming, illegal, contempt for American laws. Just look at the "Fast and Furious" debacle thats going down right now. Eric Holder,AG and head of theDOJ, is the first cabinet offical to be held in "CRIMINAL CONTEMPT" of congress! Where the DOJ is required to act, Holders minions instead declined to prosecute the criminal contempt charges!!! Now Congress must pursue civil enforcement through the courts.:banghead:
    He is laughing in the face of the American electorate, and he must go, reguardless of what it takes to remove him.
    He may truely be the anti-christ! I for one, would be happy to assist in his removal!!!:flag:
  3. Although we all understand just how bad Eric Holder is, the sad fact is that most people in America really have no idea of who the guy is, what he does and what power he really holds.

    Until the mainstream media starts to explain it (that's not about to happen) Holder will just skate along and either retire after Obummer's next term with full pay, etc.


    He'll be gone the first month of Romney's term but still with full pay, benefits and a huge source of money from future "deals".

    The entire system has been corrupted and I honestly believe that there is nobody around that has the time or power to change it.

    Eric Holder should be in prison but instead he'll wind up living better than all of us because he understands how to scam the entire system and avoid the law.

    He is the highest level of law in this country. There's no way him or his type will ever spend a single day in prison.

    AD (I'm sure the FBI will be at my door next week)
  4. diesel


    Well, i'll finally get to meet you, A.D. cuz i'm sure they'll arrest me as well...LOL. I totally agree with what you said, he'll never go down for this. Already they've let go of some 14 underlings with one major player(can't recall his name or position) forced into retirement so as not to blame obama or holder.
    It's a sad day in our country,A.D. to see these eff'n criminals do what their do'n.:flag:

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