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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by MikeH121, June 9, 2014.

  1. MikeH121


    Monday 9 am, I am going to Readyline in Newtown, Ohio and shoot some Russian surplus. :D

    My 1943 91/30 Mosin with some Ruskie Heavy Ball ammo. See how my shoulder holds up.

    My 1941 Russian Nagant Revolver.

    Taking my Marlin Western Auto 22 rifle also just for kicks.

    See how their indoor rifle range is. Only shot pistols on Memorial Day. And my

    Birthday is Tuesday.

    Took Mon and Tues vac days.

    Got the guns oiled and ready.

    Trying out my scope mount on the Mosie and see how it handles the recoil.
  2. diesel


    Love that Mos-Nag pistol, Mike.
    Happy birthday, brother!:party: :flag:
  3. MikeH121


    Thanks.... the Nagant won't sting my hand, the Mosie is gonna bruise my shoulder for sure.

    Better than being on the other end methinks. Would rather shoot the 7.62x54r than catch one.

    If my mount is true and my long eye relief scope holds up to recoil and stays zeroed, get it tuned to 50 and 100 yrds.

    I'll get icepacks for my Mosie-shoulder after.

    Shot a lever 44 mag rifle on and off for a day about 50 rds total. The butt was a little too wide and did not sit well so I had a bruise the next day.

    Just doing my part for the gun grabbers. Bolt action, non removable magazine, holds only 5 rds.

    Of course it is a military issue, 5 shot military killing bullet that can kill a man 2 miles away, and has steel core armor eating exploding terrorizing bullets, a bayonet that can kill an elephant from 10 feet away, and it leaks global warming causing nuclear laced cosmoline that eats the concrete with acid like sizzle, and of course can be folded into a shaving kit bag and hidden, breezes thru the xrays and metal detectors etc....

    Or then again maybe its just a 71 year old rifle.
  4. MikeH121


    Well the Mosie shot well. Got to shoot more to zero in scope. It held tight but it is a little high. Got a bore laser for the 54r need to use it.

    The Nagant pistol shot 4 inches high at 10 yards. Aim at the middle of the sil, hit the chest. But that is still a kill.

    My XD40 loves Tula steel cased like the CZ 40 did not. Shot off the last 30 rds of the steel. Plus a 50 box of Armcor 40 cal. Can't get over that Springfield XD even with the 40 recoil I hit 10 in the head at 25 yards outta 10 shot mag. 3 in same hole.

    Took out the center red with 20 rounds, even the range guy was impressed. Had a discusion with him about Point Shooting. Matters not to re-aquire sights because you ain't really using them. He is gonna try practicing. But then again been shooting that way for 20+ years.

    The fun after the fun was breaking down the Mosie, the 22 Rifle the Nagant and the XD and cleaning then oiling them all.

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