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Range Info

September 5, 2012
To any who wondered. ReadyLine in Newtown, Ohio their indoor 100 yard upto 50BMG range.

They have memberships, I stopped in today going past from then to a job.

Fill out a form, watch a 5 min safety vid, pay 5 bucks for your range card. Good for 1 year.

9 bucks for 30 minutes, 16 for 1 hour. Cheapest plan is like 29.95 a month which if you do 4-30 min times is almost the same, in a month.

Ammo was 7.40 for Tula or 9 for Armscor for 20 .223 box. 18-22 for 50 40 cal. 18 for Fed 9mm box o 50. Still no 22LR in stock. But they do have full gun cases now. Saw me a CZ 75 P07 Duty 9mm that peaked my intereset under 500.

Didn't actually buy anything today, which may be a first. Walked into a gun shop and walked out empty handed.:banghead:

But then again I am buying my old workvan from the boss for 500 bucks in a few weeks as soon as my new full size is done inside. 03 GMC Safari to a 2014 Full Size Chevy. Last work van I bought lasted me 6 years. I HATE car payments. Without them it means I can buy more guns and ammo. :D
March 13, 2014
Wow nice p-07 looks nice, p-09 looks even nicer. Ill have to keep this range on my list. Thanks for the info

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