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Discussion in 'Open Carry' started by Noel, April 25, 2012.

  1. Noel


    I am looking to start open carrying what with the two recent shootings not more than 500 feet from my apartment building (one of them I was outside working on the car when it happened right across the street), and was wondering about a law in Ohio.

    It states that you cannot open carry a firearm inside a vehicle without a CCW. I do not have a CCW, plan on getting one eventually, but do not have at the moment.

    how does one handle this conundrum? I don't want to have anyone walking by while I'm taking off/strapping on my gun and perceive it as a hostile action. Also, where do you store your weapon while driving?
  2. That is a tough one. Ohio law states that to carry a weapon without a CCW permit the weapon has to be separate from the ammo and the action open and easily visible or locked. When they state separate they mean weapon in the car and ammo in the trunk.

    I wish I had better news for you but the best thing is to get your CCW as soon as possible. I really do not see a better way of going about things unless you want to risk being pulled over with a loaded weapon.

    I do wish you luck and hope that there are no future shootings around you. Having one across the street while your out there is truly scary.
  3. Noel


    Can it be ammo in the the car and gun in the trunk? Do the mags need to be unloaded to, like I'm hearing on the other site?
  4. You can have it either way as long as they are completely separated. As for the ammo in mags that is something I've not heard. I always carried my ammo in mags in the glove box and gun locked in a strong box in the back. I do have my CCW now so there is no problem with carrying open or concealed.
  5. Noel


    Hmm alright. Have you ever gotten stopped by officers while open carrying before you got your CCW?

    I live in Toledo, and work in Holland, and my mother lives in Maumee, so your experiences are all very pertinent to me.
  6. I can honestly say I've never been stopped when OC'ing but then again I am usually CC'ing.

    Last time I was stopped I did neglect to inform the officer that I was a CCW holder and it went badly after that with a $110 speeding ticket for 20 over. :D

    I would not worry so much about the TPD but Holland and Maumee have very little to do but harass people to sat the least. I would purchase a strong box you can mount in the trunk for your weapon and keep the mags in you vehicle. That is just what I would do but I cannot tell you the 100% legality of that process.

    There is a link at the very top of the forum here to the CCW manual and I do believe it will tell you about carrying in a vehicle without a CCW permit.

    Here is the information from the CCW handbook:

  7. Noel


    Finally found the ORC code, it's ORC 2923.16 Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle. That should tell me everything I need.
  8. Glad you were able to find it Noel. That is one area I've not yet implemented on the site yet is the ORC code for firearms.
  9. Noel


    Now that I've read what I posted, none of these laws actually define what "Loaded" means.

    There is the common sense definition, where a loaded magazine is actually inserted in the firearm.

    But there's also the definition where rounds inside a magazine means loaded, no matter where anything is actually located inside the vehicle.
  10. I have heard both in my years of living here in Ohio. Some have told me that the ammo had to be separate from the magazine and weapon. Some have said just the magazine and weapon separated.

    Before the days of CCW I always carried it in the car with the loaded magazine separate from the weapon. Granted I never had any issues with LEO's either.

    I wish there was a clear cut definition for you but I seriously doubt there is. I will keep searching for you my friend and let you know any thing I may find. I would however recommend that you get into CCW classes ASAP though to eliminate the problem. ;)
  11. Noel


    I'm actually dropping a check off to an instructor this morning to reserve a spot, but the class isn't till 05/26-27
  12. Good to hear your taking steps to get your CCW. :)

    Bear in mind I am not putting OC down in ANY way. It's just easier to carry period, with a CCW permit. Hopefully your instructor will have the proper information for you as well to clear this up. Please let us know if you do get word from the instructor.
  13. Noel


    Oh I completely understand and I'm in the exact same mindset. OC is a complete pain in the you know what when it comes to vehicles, I've been reading. The CCW is great, lets you drive without having to pretty much completely undress before hand.

    Another question? There's no requirements for holsters, right? I was getting a drop leg holster, keeping it as far away from my waist line, and my slightly baggy shirts as possible to keep it from accidentally concealing itself.
  14. I assume your getting the drop leg holster for open carry purposes. I do not believe the is any regulation on holsters at all that I personally know of. Just be aware that you may have a few questions as to why you look like a swat team member if you OC'ing.
  15. Noel


    Yeah, I thought about that, but I figured it is best for my above mentioned reasons.
  16. Other alternative is just to tuck in your shirt while carrying. YMMV.
  17. Noel


    I'm definitely not a shirt tucker unless I'm dressed up.

    Guess I could try both, see which is better for me.. My XD came with a holster, so I'll try it out.
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  18. I can fully sympathize with you there. ;)

    I am not either usually but sometimes it is just easier.
  19. Noel



    (5) “Unloaded” means any of the following:

    (a) No ammunition is in the firearm in question, and no ammunition is loaded into a magazine or speed loader that may be used with the firearm in question and that is located anywhere within the vehicle in question, without regard to where ammunition otherwise is located within the vehicle in question. For the purposes of division (K)(5)(a) of this section, ammunition held in stripper-clips or in en-bloc clips is not considered ammunition that is loaded into a magazine or speed loader.

    (b) With respect to a firearm employing a percussion cap, flintlock, or other obsolete ignition system, when the weapon is uncapped or when the priming charge is removed from the pan.
  20. Ahhh, ok. Well it sounds even more restrictive then what I remember.

    Sounds like more of a hassle then worth.

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