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December 23, 2012
The past couple years I've been reducing my stock of primers,started out with about 40,000 consisting of SP,SPM,LP,LPM,SR,SR AR,LR,LR AR,LRM. I take my stock with me to gunshows and when I encounter someone in need of primers,I make a sale from the trunk. I've been selling at $4 below market price for 1000. Since prices have been dropping continuously since the high price of the 'frenzy',I'm currently at $24 per 1000.
I've got SR,LR,LRM. The AR(CCI white box) SR and AR(CCI white box) LR I've got at $28.
Been dumping brass too,down to 9mm NATO and 45ACP SP.

my current stock is 25,000 along with the 14,000 I carry around. So I must have had about 50,000.
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